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(music) the third note of a diatonic scale

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The Roman numeral V/III shows a tonicization of the mediant, and is typically seen when a composition modulates to the relative major.
For every n [greater than or equal to] 2, [FT.sub.n] and [Q.sub.n] are constructed inductively; that is, [Q.sub.n] is the set of all mediants of every two consecutive fractions in [FT.sub.n-1], and let [FT.sub.n] = [FT.sub.n-1] [union] [Q.sub.n] written as the set of fractions sorted in increasing order.
Mediant Communications is a provider of investor communications technology and fulfillment services to the financial industry.
The Mediant SBC VE is a central element in AudioCodes' Cloud Delivery solution suite designed to enable secured delivery of real time communication services from the cloud while optimizing cost, call quality and reliability and simplifying provisioning and management.
With AudioCodes Mediant platforms, customers can support PSTN and SIP Trunk interfaces in the same box, preventing forklift upgrades, and enabling gradual migration from costly PSTN circuits to SIP Trunking services, providing security and interoperability.
"By selecting the AudioCodes Mediant 800 flexible platform, we reduced the time-to-market of our integrated SMB IP-PBX solution for our customer," stated Mr.
AudioCodes (Nasdaq:AUDC), Lod, Israel, a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies and Voice Network products, has announced the expansion of Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) capabilities for the Mediant 1000 and Mediant 3000 platforms.
Legent continues to expand its infrastructure and diversify its service capabilities through strategic alliances with Thomson Reuters, Sungard, Mediant Communications, Fetter Logic (Quadron Data Solutions) and other notable technology providers.
Le message libertaire du film ne se contente pas de vanter les merites el la perfection morale de l'entreprise autogeree; il justifie l'assassinat du mediant en le sanctifiant pour ainsi dire par l'approbation d'un jury populaire (incarne symboli-quement par les clients du bar auxquels l'intrigue est raeontee).
* AudioCodes Mediant media gateways to facilitate the interface to the PSTN via T-1 circuits using primary rate interface signaling, while the interface to the Asterisk servers is accomplished via session initiation protocol (SIP);
As part of this effort, Broadvox has certified the Mediant 1000 Media Gateway as interoperable with Broadvox GO!
The instrumentation and the unrooted, mediant minor tonality of the first two lines give them their low autumnal tones and sense of restraint.
AudioCodes blades and media gateways (TrunkPack and Mediant) are converged media gateways that support a variety of Vocoders and Signaling technologies to comply with a multitude of access networks, such as PSTN, Packet Cable, WiFi, GSM, UMTS, CDMA and 3G networks.