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the value below which 50% of the cases fall


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Projected bond levy rates show that if the new bond passes, typical homeowners who live in Oakridge School District will pay slightly less per year in bond property taxes - about $114 per year for a house assessed at the median value of $94,915.
The median value of their combined 401(k) and IRA assets rose 24% to $135,000 during the same time frame, but even those savings are nowhere near enough.
New Jersey's tax rate translates into an annual tax payment of $4,189 for a median value U.
The value of the coverage ratio own operating cash flow (OCF) capital expenditures for replacement of fixed assets of PJSC "Transneft" in 2014-2015 was above the median value for the sample.
The limits of each range were based on a fixed percentage of its median value: The range $16 to $49, for instance, is the median value of purchases ($32.
The blue bars show the fraction of young adults with each asset type, and the black dots and dashed lines mark the conditional median value of each asset type.
The Congress is expected to win 25- 35 seats, with a median value of 30.
However, if you take into account the median value as the average in the sector is considerably higher because there is considerable diversity in the sector.
However, the conditional median value of all financial assets held by families fell 8 percent, from $23,000 in 2010 to $21,200 in 2013.
The percentage of farmers using fallow ranged from 0 to 100 percent; the median value (50th percentile) was 40 percent, and about a quarter of the communes had more than 80 percent of farmers practicing it.
By 2010, the median value of household debt was $70,700, with debt payments accounting for roughly 18 percent of their disposable income.
Karamcheva, the median value of older families' debt increased between five and six times in the period examined-1989 to 2010.
A two-lined display reads the measured value and median value in percent (%).
But the county's PS2,750 average income tax paid per person was only PS740 more than the median value of PS2,010, compared to the PS1,540 difference found in Cardiff.
It is interesting to note that this median value is up over 20% from our analysis two years ago -with a large majority of the increase coming from larger equity retainers.