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a neural structure that serves as the last of a series of processing centers along the auditory pathway from the cochlea to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex

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In this study, an increase in MLAEP latencies (Na, Pa, and Nb) is noted in long-term mobile phone users, suggesting a delay in the conduction of auditory impulses from the level of the medial geniculate body to the auditory cortex.
These findings again suggest a delay in the conduction of auditory impulses from the level of the medial geniculate body to the auditory cortex.
The neural generators of MLAEP waveforms are as follows: Na--subcortical generators such as the medial geniculate body and polysensory thalamic nuclei located in the brainstem, Pa and Nb - cortical generators such as the primary auditory cortex and adjacent areas.
But when there is lesion in subcortical structures like projection fibres from medial geniculate bodies or colliculi to auditory cortices, there are deafness and dysarthria.
Brainstem inputs to the ferret medial geniculate nucleus and the effect of early deafferentation on novel retinal projections to the auditory thalamus.
Twelve auditory and limbic ROIs were defined based on our theoretical framework and previous findings: left and right auditory cortices (ACx), medial geniculate nuclei (MGN), inferior colliculi (IC), amygdalae (AM), accumbens nuclei (NAc), and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) white matter.
Medial geniculate nucleus ROIs were defined as all WM skeleton voxels falling within a sphere of an 8 mm radius around MNI coordinates +/-17, -24, -2 (following Miihlau et al.
The researchers showed that dyslexic adults have a malfunction in a structure that transfers auditory information from the ear to the cortex is a major cause of the impairment: the medial geniculate body in the auditory thalamus does not process speech sounds correctly.
When affected individuals performed tasks that required the recognition of speech sounds, as compared to recognize the voices that pronounced the same speech, magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) recordings showed abnormal responses in the area around the medial geniculate body.
The main dangers of the approach used include injury to the superior medial geniculate artery which must be ligated or coagulated.
Among the MSG treated study animals they found an increase in cellular height of stomach epithelium9, small intestine10, medial geniculate body11.
Histological studies of the effects of monosodium glutamate on the medial geniculate body of adult Wistar rats.
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