medial condyle

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a condyle on the inner side of the lower extremity of the femur

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Intraoperative findings revealed a transverse fracture through the weightbearing aspect of the medial condyle of the femoral component (Fig.
The other femoral component fractures involved the medial condyle.
Medial-lateral translations of both the medial condyle and lateral condyle were comparable in ACL-deficient and normal knees.
Proximal-distal translations of both the medial condyle and lateral condyle were not significantly different in ACL-deficient knees compared to normal knees.
Evaluation of the knee cartilage morphology on the ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging Ultrasound Magnetic resonance imaging Regular -clear Irregular, non-clear n % n % Medial condyle Regular-clear 10 33.
Effusion and synovial proliferation were assessed on fat saturated T2WI, whereas cartilage thickness and morphology were evaluated both on T2WI and on PD images at the central part of the lateral and medial condyles.
There is only one case report (2) in the English literature to the best of the current investigators' knowledge; however, a medial condyle Hoffa fracture in a skeletally immature individual has not been described in the literature.
The landmarks consisted of: forehead, side of the head (right/left), C7 spinous process, acromion process (right/left), sacrum, ASIS (right/left), lateral condyle of humerus (right/left), styloid process of ulnar (right/left), greater trochanter (right/left), lateral condyle of femur (right/left), medial condyle of femur (right/left) toe of the foot (right/left), heel of the foot (right/left), lateral malleolus (right/left), medial malleolus (right/left), at the head of the golf club, on the shaft of the golf club (at 10 cm and 70 cm proximal from the distal end of the shaft).
Because results with valgus osteotomy for medial condyle involvement were best in those knees with a postoperative femorotibial angle of 164[degrees] to 173[degrees] and 7[degrees] to 16[degrees] of anatomic valgus, Koshino recommended a goal of 10[degrees] of valgus.
This was interpreted to mean that osteosclerosis of the medial condyle decreased compared with that of the lateral condyle after over-correction of varus deformity.
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