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a condyle on the inner side of the lower extremity of the femur

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There is only one case report (2) in the English literature to the best of the current investigators' knowledge; however, a medial condyle Hoffa fracture in a skeletally immature individual has not been described in the literature.
This incision gives access to the fracture except the medial condyle and posterior aspects of the condyles.
1 = Musculospiral groove (Sulcus musculi brachialis), 2 = Radial fossa (Fossa radialis), 3 = Deltoid tuberosity (Tuberositas deltoidea), 4 = Supracondylar crest (Crista supra condylaris lateralis), 5 = Lateral epicondyle (Epicondylus laterialis), 6 = Lateral condyle (Condylus laterialis), 7 = Medial condyle (Condylus medialis) and 8 = Tuberositas teres major (Teres major tuberosity).
Thus, the decrease of the M/L ratio means a decrease of film density in the medial condyle, which may be due to the decrease of osteosclerosis in the medial condyle.
The bone was adjusted along the parallel axis of the board in such a manner that the most superior point of the bone touched the upper block of the osteometric board and the lower sliding block touched the most dependent point of the medial condyle and at this stage, the reading were taken on the scales fitted on both the sides of the osteometric board.
of subjects Age 20-29 15 30-39 18 40-49 15 50-59 6 60-69 6 Sex Male 42 Female 6 Occupation Student 9 House Wife 9 Agriculturist 21 Driver 3 Teacher 3 Businessman 15 Mode of injury RTA 42 Fall from H/L 15 Sports 3 Laterality Right 45 Left 15 Type Pure cleavage 12 Cleavage depression 21 Central depression 3 Medial condyle fracture 6 Bicondylar fracture 6 Metaphysio diaphyseal dissociation 12 Method 33 Percutaneous cancellous screw fixation ORIF with buttress plate and screws 3 ORIF with buttress plate and bone graft External fixator 21 3 Period < 10 days 42 Upto 3 wks 15 Upto 8 wks 3 Complications Post Traumatic OA 3 Knee Stiffness 6 Infection and Wound Dehiscence 12 Extensor Lag 3 Types I 12 II 21 III 3 IV 6 V 6 VI 12 Types No.
Bidmos (2008) [2] used six variables measured on each femur that included the vertical neck diameter, upper breadth of femur, epicondylar breadth, bicondylar breadth, lateral condyle length, and medial condyle length.
The total length of femur was determined by measuring the distance between the most proximal part of the head to the distal most part of the medial condyle.
from the right lateral condyle, right intercondylar area, right medial condyle, left medial condyle, left intercondylar area and left lateral condyle (Fig.
The mandibular process of the quadrate presents four distinct condyles: the medial condyle (Condylus medialis)--rounded in all the species analysed--the lateral condyle (Condylus lateralis)--long and stronger than the medial, articulating with the jugal bar laterally from a dorsal process--the caudal condyle (Condylus caudalis)--an extension of the lateral condyle, being fused--and the condyle pterygoideus --located medially, which articulates with the pterygoid by its quadratic articulated facet.
Neglected anterior Monteggia lesion with a displaced intra-articular medial condyle fracture in a child: A rare and challenging association.
Here, the subsequently discovered fracture of the medial condyle of Hope's left femur was part of the left knee, the only body part at issue in his claim.
Tc-99m labeled triphasic whole body bone scintigraphy showed a marked focal activity in the right femoral head and in the medial condyle of the right distal femur on the delayed bone phase images (Figure 5).
Following this clinical paradigm, in the present study, we hypothesized that undifferentiated SCMC can repair cartilage lesions in a rabbit model of medial condyle full-thickness lesionsjust as efficient as allogenic culture-expanded chondrocytes.
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