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small black-and-white fly that damages citrus and other fruits by implanting eggs that hatch inside the fruit

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Although it is not known which compound(s) is responsible for the enhanced mating success, all the performance-boosting substances tested thus far contain the hydrocarbon sesquiterpene [alpha]-copaene, a powerful attractant to male medflies (Warthen & McInnis 1989; Flath et al.
In mainland states vulnerable to medfly attack, traps suspended from tree limbs and bushes serve as sentries to ensnare roving medflies.
sugar only, respectively) on wild and laboratory medflies (Yuval et al.
They aren't sure exactly where the medflies are originating, but Sheppard says those they found in California have the same genetic markers as wild medflies from Nigeria, Guatemala, Argentina, and parts of Central and South America.
Once medflies arrive at a farm, they will eat everything."
First, in a Florida citrus orchard, captures of released male medflies in traps baited with 2 g trimedlure plugs (weathered for up to 12 wk) were compared with captures in traps baited with fresh 2 mL liquid trimedlure on a wick or fresh 2 g trimedlure plugs.
(1999) reported a reduction in the longevity of medflies in a dose-dependent manner when a neem seed extract was added to their diet.
Decisions during courtship by males and females medflies (Diptera:Tephritidae): coordinated changes in male behavior and female acceptance criteria in mass-reared flies.
Effect of acclimation to outdoor conditions on the sexual performance of mass-reared medflies (Diptera: Tephritidae).
(2) If Medflies were established in California, a total quarantine of California fruits, both nationally and internationally, would result in the loss of 132,000 jobs and $13.4 billion.
Carey JR, Liedo P, Muller HG, Wang JL, Zhang Y, Harshman L (2005) Stochastic dietary restriction using a Markov chain feeding protocol elicits complex, life history response in medflies. Aging Cell 4: 31-39.
The insects were allowed to breed on some of the billions of medflies reared indoors there.
Medflies are known to exist in 65 countries that export fresh produce to the United States, Because female medflies lay their eggs inside the produce, USDA regulates fresh produce importation to reduce the rate of new invasions, Among the approved and commonly applied ways to eliminate medfly larvae is cold treatment: refrigeration at a mandatory average temperature for a specific time period.
(14) Dear and Flusty provide a suggestive commentary on episodes like the large-scale and environmentally devastating aerial spraying of medflies, which they link to L.A's status as a postmodern city that expands the scope and intensity of multinational capital.
En: Evaluation of Genetically Altered Medflies for Use in Sterile Insect Technique Programmes.