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Synonyms for meddlesomeness

aggressiveness as evidenced by intruding

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Taking a cue from Apparadurai's theory of counter-nationalism, protest against the arbitrary creation of Nigeria manifests in the repudiation of the identified British colonial meddlesomeness.
Government sprawl and meddlesomeness mock the idea that government is transparent.
physical defects and blameworthy character traits, such as ugliness, blackness, leprosy, blindness, insanity, being boring, stinginess, stupidity, meddlesomeness, mendacity, apostasy, dirtiness (pp.
They therefore pander to insincerity and meddlesomeness in the society.
Her fortune is bolstered by rank, and her love of dictating takes the direction of general meddlesomeness in the affairs of the neighborhood:
If Iran's meddlesomeness was limited to Lebanon, I probably would not have said that it will shake the Syrian-Iranian axis.
8) Elsewhere in the play Hamlet resents and repeatedly mocks Polonius's meddlesomeness.