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Synonyms for meddle



Synonyms for meddle

to intervene officiously or indiscreetly in the affairs of others

to handle something idly, ignorantly, or destructively

Synonyms for meddle

intrude in other people's affairs or business

References in classic literature ?
"Who, senor?" said Sancho; "I meddle for I have a right to meddle, as a squire who has learned the rules of courtesy in the school of your worship, the most courteous and best-bred knight in the whole world of courtliness; and in these things, as I have heard your worship say, as much is lost by a card too many as by a card too few, and to one who has his ears open, few words."
"I know not why you meddle," said Fernand, seizing his arm; "but this I know, you have some motive of personal hatred against Dantes, for he who himself hates is never mistaken in the sentiments of others."
"Well, I'll learn her how to meddle. And looky here -- you drop that school, you hear?
The lands, being a minor, he could not meddle with.
The owner has nothing to say against it, and if you meddle with them you'll have to do with the constable and Justice Blakesley, and with the handcuffs and Middlemarch jail.
But them are fools as meddle, and so I told the chaps here.
"Well, promise me not to meddle again, and I'll see that nobody informs against you."
"Ask no questions that may lead to deceitful answers," sullenly returned the squatter; "I have dealings of my own with that trapper, that it may not befit an officer of the States to meddle with.
The bear was walking softly on, and offered to meddle with nobody, till Friday coming pretty near, calls to him, as if the bear could understand him.
NNA - Minister of National Defense, Elias Bou Saab, maintained that he would not allow any attempt to meddle in judicial affairs, renewing trust in Lebanon's justice system.
A fan of Julia tweeted Angel, asking her what Julia has done to her for her to meddle in the issue.
Senior Chief Representative from Kanye, Kgosi Kwelagobe Mookodi shared the same sentiments with Kgosi Telekelo in that the community should ensure Bangwaketse dikgosi do not meddle in politics and remain clean.
PRESIDENT Donald Trump has jokingly told Russian leader Vladimir Putin "don't meddle with the election" in their first meeting since the special counsel concluded Moscow interfered with the 2016 campaign.
Summary: Osaka [Japan], June 28 (ANI): US President Donald Trump playfully warned Russia President Vladimir Putin to not meddle in US elections, during talks on the margins of G-20 Summit.