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a philosopher who subscribes to the doctrine of mechanism

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42) A representative expression of the mechanist program is found in Gassendi's statement that "there is no effect without a cause; no cause acts without motion; nothing acts on distant things except through itself or an organ of connection or transmission; nothing moves unless it is touched, whether directly or through an organ or another body" (Pierre Gassendi, Opera Omnia, 6 vols.
The new content introduces players to the Mechanist, a mad scientist of sorts who has released plenty of destructive robots across the Wasteland.
This perspective has tried to escape a mechanist and totalitarian view of media effects, as well as an excessive autonomy of ideology or culture regarding the economic sphere.
Stronger than Bobbio, but like-minded, Ross stated he wanted to limit himself to a descriptive characterisation of Austian interpretation of law as it is not expected to cover other implications or misleading conceptual reductions such as the imperative theory, the theory of force "behind" the law and the mechanist theory of the judicial process (12).
In the mechanist tradition, experience is disregarded, and agency does not exist; for humanists, environmental determination does not exist, and brain states are disregarded.
Doubts about the distinctiveness of living things precisely as living have currency, in part, because of the persistence in modern science of various materialist, mechanist, and reductionist accounts of living and nonliving entities: indeed, of the elimination of any real, qualitative distinction between the living and the nonliving.
Now we can hypothesize a world that admits spontaneity at its most basic levels--as quantum theory seems to show, granting that in great numbers unorganized spontaneity irons out to the predictable patterns studied by mechanist science, until we get to higher organizing centers galvanizing the lower spontaneities teleologically.
But the PCB said in a statement: "The group discussed the future course of action to be adopted with regard to Ajmal and Mohammad Hafeez and agreed that in the case of Saeed, further remedial work should continue in collaboration with Saqlain and a bio mechanist in Lahore.
The PCB committee discussed the future course of action to be adopted with regard to Ajmal and Hafeez and agreed that in the case of Ajmal, further remedial work should continue in collaboration with Saqlain and a bio mechanist in Lahore," a PCB release said.
Society is not a mere aggregate of separate individuals, nor is it a mechanist (dualist) or a chemical combination of them.
And, most importantly, there is the abolition of free will and the substitution of a mechanist conception of (theoretically) predictable cause and effect, opening a path for psychology to join the natural sciences.
His father had deep religious feeling as finding was finding himself in psychic conflict between practical understanding of world as interpreted Mechanist understanding ad denied human authority and religious understanding containing believe to god and also human authority.
He is a trained Sports Physiotherapist Trainer and a Bio Mechanist.
A statement issued by the IHEC Media Bureau said that the Memo's clauses contain mechanist of international observers' works during the Parliamentary elections of Kurdistan Region, due to be held on 21st of current September.
Does it make sense for Christian psychologists to work within a positivist, mechanist, objectivist, reductive, context-independent field in order to demonstrate scientifically that Christian values lead to more happiness, flourishing, psychological stability, and so forth?