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Drain Disablement is also considered by the Health Department to be one of the most effective retrofit options in preventing injuries and fatalities, since it does not depend on mechanical devices that can fail in an emergency.
hologram means for generating a holographic image of a tangible input object of the tangible control mechanism for the electronic or electro mechanical device;
The Jarvic mechanical device will divert blood away from the damaged pumping chamber to allow his heart to repair itself.
The Alpha ST 212 is designed to load small-diameter, round bar stock from 0.078" to 0.47" using a positive mechanical device to advance bar stock into the loading position.
The artificial heart is a mechanical device that is implanted into the body to replace the heart.
--the mechanical device (M) is designed so that it can be adapted for all types of drafting systems from ring frames and it represents the basic support for strain gauges transducer.
In addition, a new mechanical device can bring an empty core up to winding speed before cutover for smoother start-up in winding thin webs.
Code defines a tracking device as an electronic or mechanical device that permits the tracking of the movement of a person or object.
The device, which is intended to replace the traditional computer mouse and help repetitive strain injury (RSI) sufferers, offers an electronic version of the original mechanical device introduced in 1994.
However, these technologies are part and parcel of the electronic revolution that is changing the automobile from a purely mechanical device into an electro-mechanical one.
A mechanical device that prevents baths from overflowing.
The Hardy Integrity Tester is a mechanical device for the repetitive raising and dropping of disposable absorbent products in order to quantify the breaking strength of the absorbent core within the product.
For industrial design, robots were programs that automatically generated "some action" by a mechanical device without human intervention.
The fully mechanical device requires no physical interaction to operate and only a quick and easy membrane replacement, making it suited for use in flow analysis systems, as a guard in liquid chromatography, for enzyme reactors and for flow-through biosensors.