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Methods: In Notice 2004-54, the Service authorizes return preparers to sign original returns, amended returns and extension requests by rubber stamp, mechanical device or computer software program.
Devolution of command from humans to mechanical devices, as in the case of Russia's doomsday machine, is the stuff of science fiction, not of responsible superpowers.
In 1769 an English inventor, Richard Arkwright (1732-1792), invented a spinning frame: a mechanical device that could produce cotton threads hard enough and firm enough to be used in textile manufacture.
A human being applies less force than a mechanical device, and, what's more, human power varies over the course of the workday as the operator tires.
2 : a mechanical device (as a merry-go-round) that moves around while people sit or stand on it for entertainment
7701-15(a)] to sign original or amended returns and extension requests, filed after 2003, by means of a rubber stamp, mechanical device or computer software program.
The only complete fix is to find a new pump, either a transplanted heart or a mechanical device.
Experiments in which subjects stood still or were pulled backward by a mechanical device demonstrated that the observed movements fit the model quite well.
However, they rarely performed the same tasks after watching demonstrations, whether flawless or inept, by a mechanical device.
The mechanical device precisely replicates traditional manual suturing techniques using standard suture needles and standard sutures, but the sharp point of the needle is never exposed.
The SiTime silicon resonator is an electro-statically driven mechanical device that has ppm performance similar to consumer grade quartz products and orders of magnitude better than today's best silicon clock oscillators.
A) acquaintance with the control system of mechanical devices of the stage in the Opera, b) implementation of the project of modernization of the control system of 13 types of mechanical devices of the stages listed in section I, c) execution of works on the control system of 13 types of mechanical devices, Execution of the scope of the works on the orchestra's control of the moat and the fire-fighting steel curtain, e) commissioning of the control systems, f) technical testing, g) preparation of manuals for use, inspection and maintenance, h) training of the opera staff of Nova.
Mechanisms and mechanical devices sourcebook, 5th ed.
Rather, de la Pena admirably focuses on those everyday people who might, through their use of new electrical and mechanical devices, come to develop an "odd kinship with the telephone, telegraph, and streetcar" (p.
Then, the computer instructs 42 mechanical devices, or actuators, inside the robot to generate a humanlike response.