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Synonyms for mechanic

Synonyms for mechanic

a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools

someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles

resembling the action of a machine

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The Task Force boss lamented that the canal under the Oregun/Opebi Link Bridge was now filled with mechanic scraps, used tyres and refuse generated by residents around the area, saying that the situation might eventually lead to flooding whenever it rained.
Caption: Daniel Roshin, Rockefeller Group; Jonathan Mechanic, FFHSJ; Kurt Drstvensek, Rockefeller Group
The award is named in honor of Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight.
The national finals of the Castrol Golden Spanner Ustaad Mechanic contest held in Mumbai, today had three rounds of contests including - a Quiz, Jigsaw puzzle round and a live car diagnostic / repair test.
Because of their skill, mechanics found themselves in high demand, however their relative position of authority did not last long as patrons, motoring interests, and garage owners initiated "legal, educational and bureaucratic changes" that curbed the mechanic's power (24).
Well, the same is true if you turn a new mechanic loose to work on a bird without supervision.
Hernandez is lead mechanic for Airporter Shuttle/Bellair Charters, and the four mechanics he oversees maintain more than 4o vehicles.
When one part malfunctions, mechanics have to take apart the whole system.
Under a flat-rate system, a mechanic is paid for a certain number of hours to do a given task.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) establishes the requirements to become certified as an A&P mechanic.
Two Master Mechanic Awards were presented at yesterday's meeting.
David Taylor, tennis pro, Jon Mechanic, Dan Tishman, Russ Mechanic, Arlene Maidman, and tennis pros
The event was organized by David Greenbaum (Vornado), Jon Mechanic (Fried Frank), Bruce Mosler (Cushman & Wakefield), Stephen Siegel (CBRE) and Tod Waterman (Reckson Associates).