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an anthelmintic used to treat hookworm and pinworm and roundworm infestations

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The treatments administered (formaldehyde) to control the gyrodactylid infection seem to have been at least partially unsuccessful maybe as a late identification (day 2) and consequently prompt benzimidazoles treatment (mebendazole).
The Ormeci technique may have several advantages over the PAIR technique: a) It is an outpatient intervention and does not require hospitalization; b) there is no abscess because a draining catheter is not used; c) morbidity is lower because a thinner 22-gauge Chiba needle is used; d) it is not necessary to use mebendazole or albendazole before or after treatment; e) the amount of sclerosing agent required is less than that in the PAIR technique; and f) the Gharbi type 3 cysts can be treated successfully with this technique.
So to deal with worms, the whole family should be treated with a medicine called mebendazole, which you can buy in medicine or tablet form from your pharmacist.
Postoperatively, the patient was started on the anti-helminthic drug mebendazole and had an uneventful recovery.
TOBA TEK SINGH -- On the direction of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Health Services Director General Dr Akhtar Rasheed Malik and Health Additional Secretary (Technical) Dr Asim Altaf held a meeting on Thursday with Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon, District Health Authority chief Dr Muhammad Aslam and other officials regarding the incident of Wednesday in which 180 students of two to five years of age had fallen sick after they were given anti-hookworm tablets Mebendazole by health department teams and consequently they were admitted to hospital.
The DOH had targeted to administer the anthelmintic drugs albendazole and mebendazole to about 848,947 children aged 5 to 18 in the Zamboanga provinces and this city.
[31], simultaneous determination of levamisole hydrochloride and mebendazole in tablets by R.
Ivermectin was used in 36% of farms and appeared as the top drug in pig farming in the area, followed by Mebendazole (18%), Albendazole (12%), Levamisole (10%), and Vermexin (8%).
Primary analytical reference standards with purity > 99% of ciprofloxacin (CPF), trimethoprim (TMP), sulphamethoxazole (SMZ), metronidazole (MTZ), amoxicillin (AMX), clavulanic acid (CLA), flucloxacillin (FCX), cefuroxime (CFX), arthemether (ART), lumefantrine (LUM), mebendazole (MBZ), albendazole (ALB), ferrous ammonium citrate (FAC), vitamin B1 (VB1), vitamin B3 (VB3), vitamin B6 (VB6), folic acid (FLA), griseofulvin (GFV), paracetamol (PCM), and ibuprofen (IBF) were obtained from the Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana.
The patient was thus successfully treated with mebendazole (100 mgbid).
Assessment of anthelmintic efficacy of mebendazole in school children in six countries where soil-transmitted helminths are endemic.
(1985) worked on the effect of Albendazole and Mebendazole on hydatid cysts of sheep and human and found it as an effective drug.