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In their study, 23 cases had bleeding from the lateral wall (12 cases- the inferior turbinate, 11 cases--middle meatus/middle turbinate).while in our study, 21 patients had bleeding from the lateral wall of nose (16 patients-inferior meatus and 5 patients--middle turbinate).
A 2 year old boy was brought by the parents to OPD with complaints of "dribbling of urine" and a tubular structure seen at the urethral meatus. Detailed history revealed that child was operated 6 months back for hydrocephalus and VP shunt was placed.
At the conclusion of the ESS, Merocel packs are inserted in the middle meatus and allowed to expand via irrigation, thus maintaining the middle turbinate in a medialized position and allowing it to come into contact with the nasal septum.
Patients with urethral leiomyomas are usually asymptomatic, but sometimes an enlarged mass on the anterior vaginal wall obstructs the urethral meatus and causes obstructive symptoms.
External ear was visualized and observations regarding shape, pre-auricular region, external acoustic meatus, anterior surface of each auricle, and earlobe attachment were tabulated.
The control group comprised 46 randomly selected children who came to the pediatric outpatient department with non-ear, nose, and throat (ENT) complaints (e.g., abdominal disorders) and who had no previous history of foreign body in the external acoustic meatus.
Urethral caruncles (UCs) are benign fleshy outgrowths at the urethral meatus [1].
Radical mastoidectomy was performed and a large meatus was created by placing the temporalis fascia graft on the exposed facial nerve.
These can develop in all paranasal sinuses but the region of middle meatus and osteomeatal complex is most favored.
One of the critical factors when introducing the resectoscope is the size of the urethral meatus (UM) [7].
Abstract: A 28-year-old female Congo African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus) was evaluated because of a mass in the left external auditory meatus. Results of a computed tomography scan revealed an osteolytic left hemimandibular mass with irregular bone production and a soft tissue mass in the left external auditory meatus.
The dorsal nasal meatus, ventral nasal meatus, middle nasal meatus, common nasal meatus and ethmoidal meatus were studied and their continuation with anterior and posterior parts was studied.
Surgeons, anatomists, and others from the US, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Qatar provide 21 chapters on the neurocranium and facial skeleton, skull base, soft tissues, arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, orbit, eyelid, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, external nose, auricle and external acoustic meatus, oral cavity and pharynx, and neck, with drawings, interoperative photos, and radiologic images.