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a retailer of meat

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The horse sold to the meatman was the real Peaceful William.
You can usually have your meatman tie and roll the beef tenderloin.
For either roast, ask your meatman to remove the chine bone.
Ask your meatman to thinly slice the meat for the fondue.
Have your meatman trim most of the fat from the fillet, then tie the meat to form a compact, evenly shaped roast.
If you don't find small rib lamb chops in your market, buy a rack of lamb and have the backbone sawed through at each rib so you (or the meatman) can cut the rack apart into chops.
Order game birds through your meatman at least a week ahead or look for distributors in the telephone book yellow pages under Poultry or Game Birds; check prices before ordering.
It's best to order them ahead; ask your meatman to leave them whole and flat; they do not require tenderizing.
With poultry shears (or have your meatman do it), cut through backbone of quail, or cut game hens in half.
If the British-style sausages called bangers are not in the meat counter or frozen food section of your supermarket, order them from your meatman, or use a veal sausage such as bratwurst.
Have you meatman saw through the length of the turkey's backbone; or, at home, use spring-loaded poultry shears and cut just along the bone--or use a heavy knife and hit with a flat mallet.