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Synonyms for meaty

Synonyms for meaty

like or containing meat


being on topic and prompting thought


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Cooked to perfection, they are Cypriot cuisine at its finest, meatiest and unhealthiest.
The portobellos, of course, are the meatiest mushrooms around, so they're a natural.
(The titular patriarch is considered one of the meatiest roles in Yiddish theatre; it defined the legendary Jacob Adler's career.) Now, the play returns as a staged reading to Manhattan, for two nights only.
MOTIVATION FOR MEAT-EATERS HUGH acknowledges that a lot of people set to buy the book are likely to be omnivores, hence the book's 'meatiest' chapter, in terms of volume, is the one concerning tapas, mezze and side dishes.
In the "fresh water lake" just north of the dam lie the biggest, meatiest crabs I've ever seen.
If you do need a modicum of capability, go for the meatiest powertrain available - a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel with 177PS - with the optional selectable fourwheel-drive system.
An ice-cold cider that went down just great, The meatiest crab sarnie that we have ever ate.
The most important of the three things was the middle and meatiest section, about reaching potential.
It also provides Bryan Cranston with his meatiest part since TV's Breaking Bad, in which he played another character leading a double life.
Two of the meatiest cosmological enigmas in need of proper constraint are dark energy and dark matter.
One of Pacino's meatiest roles in years, in one of the movies' most engaging road trips since "Scent of a Woman," which brought him one of his four Globe wins amid 12 other nominations.
Branded as his "meatiest show yet" it has been advised that the easily offended stay away.
Lastly, probably revealing the meatiest part of the interview, Channing Tatum revealed that he loves alcohol by saying:
London, March 25 ( ANI ): A chip shop owner is challenging people to eat what may be the meatiest burger ever with a total of 10,000 calories, and if they finish the treat, they don't have to pay anything.