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Synonyms for meaty

Synonyms for meaty

like or containing meat


being on topic and prompting thought


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Demand remains high for the older, meatier types and more are required for next sale to satisfy buyer requirements.
Los Angeles: Priyanka Chopra says she is "digging her feet in" to get equality for women in the film industry so they can get the meatier roles like their male counterparts.
Chile growers in Pueblo County want consumers to think of their product as being meatier and thicker and altogether better for slathering onto a pizza, sausage or hamburger.
Trudeau also tackles meatier subjects like the treatment of women in the military and the difficulties faced by educated women who also want children.
* Meatier quizzes to help prepare students for high-stakes tests like PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and the "new SAT," set to roll out in 2016.
Pedigree Dry Dog Food has introduced a meatier recipe intended to provide the variety that pet parents are looking for.
Like the Mumfords' Wilder Mind, it also contains a track called Believe which, with its big rock chorus, suggests a meatier Villagers, and no shortage of songs which suggest that songwriter Jim James has been listening to a lot of 1970s Paul McCartney and even, some early 1980s Genesis (Compound Fracture).
aims to serve the growing appetite for meatier snacks by acquiring Krave Pure Foods Inc., a California company that markets its jerky as a high-end snack food.
After it was revealed that season two of HBO's True Detective" would offer a meatier role for a female cop, a number of names were proposed to star alongside Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn.
Honda, though, has incorporated folding footrests for the pillion and the grab handle is bigger and meatier. The instrument panel on the Activa 125 is new, which now incorporates a digital readout for the fuel gauge and trip apart from the analogue speedo.
I also expected it to be completely tasteless, but it's actually very similar to the fine white noodles you'll often find in healthy Asian dishes; it's not exactly flavoursome but you get the satisfying texture of a meatier meal.
The poll also found that women more often cited chocolate or strawberries and men more often plumped for meatier options like foie gras and steak.
It is understood that the Varun Dhawan starring comic entertainer has D' Cruz in the meatier role over Fakhri.
Jenna Lee-James as Stuart's girlfriend Mary and sometime Sugababe Jade Ewen's Dee Dee are two of the meatier female roles.
The author fails to explain exclusion of meatier classic titles, such as The Call of the Wild or The Member of the Wedding.