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a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

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At the movement's February convention, the Archie Bunkers were out in force: politically unsophisticated working- and middle-class Americans asserting themselves against the Meatheads of fashionable liberalism, into whose hands the levers of power had passed barely a year before.
"My wife once characterized fantasy baseball as `Dungeons and Dragons for meatheads,'" Duffy said.
Still, kick-ass show despite the meatheads and freaks there to see Marilyn Manson.
Fans of heavy metal have long been derided as brainless meatheads.
Of course, every club harbours its percentage of meatheads but at Leeds, it seems, they're not so much a lunatic fringe as the anything but silent majority.
These are anxious days for meatheads. With each chomp into the flesh of a dead cow--in whatever form, from a cheap hamburger to a slab of sirloin--there is the unappetizing thought: Is this part of a mad cow?
Ex-Test bowler Merv Hughes, one of the game's biggest sledgers, agreed with Langer and said: "They are just complete meatheads. The Barmy Army have been a disgrace."
The agency also asked the manufacturer to voluntarily recall the product, which sent some muscle-bound meatheads into a panic.
There was a brief flurry of fisticuffs as the local meatheads - and a few from over the nearby Polish border - fancied a crack at "the famous English hooligans" but most ignored it and enjoyed the football and the occasion.
But this team is not simply a collection of bullying meatheads. This team's got game too.
Meanwhile, meatheads from Sussex University's Students' Union are fighting for THREE lavatory blocks - male, female and transgender.
On one level it's as big, brash and dumb as the meatheads with midgets strapped to their shields that will lumber towards your gun.
I was in a club in London many years ago and Whitney walked in surrounded by meatheads, eight of them.
Although, it did set off a chain of thought on what would happen if the 'soft' approach failed?Perhaps an Urvan full of meatheads is en route to Campaign Towers to issue a harder reminder?