meat hook

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a strong pointed hook from which the carcasses of animals are hung

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There are other butcher shops but I don't see anyone the same as The Meat Hook.
Unlike Brando and Cooper, however, the hero in Clooney's film doesn't carry a meat hook or a badge.
Spatters of what appeared to be blood stained the walls of the cells and in one a meat hook hung from the ceiling and a thick line of hose pipe had been left on the floor.
Richard Guthrie's fine article on the great-horned owl in the February 2000 edition reminds me of [Conservationist founder] Clayt Seagers's favorite name for it: the flying meat hook.
MEAT HOOK AT MATHER'S 29/25 Broughton Street,Edinburgh EH1 .
A running ledger rig was used to target the big halibut made from 150lb mono and an 8/o Cox and Rawle meat hook - the killer bait was a coalie flapper fished on the drift in 62 meters of water.
The butcher, who admits that some of his paintings have a dark feel, has also used a meat hook and pigs teeth in a striking creation of a clown.
The RSPCA would not sanction the use of a meat hook and could prosecute anyone using such a barb to catch an animal.
STARRING: Andy Serkis, Jennifer Ellison, Reece Shearsmith, Steve O'Donnell, Logan Wong, Jonathan Chan-Presley; DIRECTOR: Paul Andrew Williams; CERTIFICATE: 18; RUNNING TIME: 91mins; REVIEWER'S RATING: ** SHOWING: Cineworld, Showcase, VUE; VERDICT: Performances are lacklustre and the gag with Peter's harridan wife runs its course well before the hen-pecked fool is strung up on a meat hook minus a few digits.
Julio Oliveras Jr., 19, of 16 Hooper St., Worcester, charged with malicious destruction of property over $250, continued without a finding for six months; and assault with a dangerous weapon (meat hook), dismissed.
Just two minutes after casting in a luncheon meat hook bait he connected with the specimen fish, which he thinks may be the same barbel he banked a few weeks ago at a slightly lower weight.
Police found John Price's skin hanging from a meat hook, his head cooking on the stove, and discovered that his wife had fed slices of his roasted buttocks to the children.
In the last few weeks we've seen bestial cruelty in vivid detail ( a girl locked in a car and stung to death by bees, two lesbians pierced through the abdomen by a meat hook while still alive and then hung up together by that same meat hook, another claustrophobic woman locked screaming in a box and lingering shots of a woman in a coffin being fed alive into a crematorium furnace.
Mouse is treated as little more than a slave, and Cook's latest assault on Mouse is to force her to eat rotten meat and then slash her cheek with a meat hook for vomiting on his apron.