meat grinder

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a mill for grinding meat

any action resulting in injury or destruction

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Cut the meat from the bone into manageable-sized strips that'll easily fit through the meat grinder. 2.
However, I do have a meat grinder attachment to my mixer and plan to invite my family to our very own sausage-making party and promise to try even stuffing the mixture into casings.
The hand of the victim, Joemar Junco, 18, reportedly got stuck in the meat grinder. It was when half of his body had been dragged into the machine when his co-workers learned about the accident.
Binag said there might also be some OSH violation in the incident since there was no 'machine guard' or railing surrounding the meat grinder.
A young man died following an accident at a meat grinder, local media here reported.
Numerous news reports claimed that half of his body was eaten by the industrial meat grinder, which drove residents to compare the accident into a horror movie.
Assemble the grinder, and send all ingredients except for the peppercorns and the blanched back fat through the coarse plate of the meat grinder. Repeat.
The Panasonic range will further enhance the festive experience with delicacies made using the brand's premium Meat Grinder, Juicer and Microwave Oven.
Meat, fat, and onions are twisted through a meat grinder, salt and pepper are added and the minced meat is fried.
Australian police said on Friday that an Australian man sent his unsuspecting brother to Sydney airport last month to catch an Etihad Airways flight carrying a home-made bomb disguised as a meat grinder. High-grade military explosives used to build the bomb were sent by air cargo from Turkey as part of a plot "inspired and directed" by the militant Islamic State group, police Deputy Commissioner National Security Michael Phelan said.
The MK-ZJ3500 is one among the most powerful meat grinder available for home use in the world with a peak power of 3500 watts, a feature unique to this Panasonic product.
On April 26, 2013, his company sent him to a meat processing plant in Clackamas County to clean out its industrial meat grinder. The meat processor had been cited six months earlier by the state Bureau of Labor and Industries for failing to properly lock down the meat grinder during cleaning, and inspectors said that "an unexpected start-up of the machine" could cause serious injuries.
Run the bacon through a meat grinder or very finely mince it.
All that sinew will wreak havoc on your meat grinder. And even if you have a bad mama-jamma of a grinder, all that connective tissue will make even ground meat unpleasantly chewy unless you grind multiple times.
The next time you see an old meat grinder, consider that many in the younger generation have never seen such a thing before.