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The result is an optical measuring system that is automated during the generation of measuring programmes and the measurement itself.
The sleep measuring system already has a practical application, and the product is available on the market.
The angle comparator consists of the basis that includes a precision mechatronicrotary device, a device for detecting circular scale graduation and its relative rotation according to the circular scale measuring system.
The Mobile Measuring System provides the required data on output, speed.
The 3-D industrial measuring system DPAInspect works with a digital camera as acquisition device.
Other features include parallel movement of mold and ejector, automatic screw identification and a new ultrasonic, noncontact stroke measuring system that yields screw-position accuracy within 0.
The 7100 model, avail able in a 40-inch or 56-inch length, is equipped with a patented digital measuring system and offers several options for reading measurements; including fractions, decimals or millimeters.
The Model MLA magnetic length measuring system is designed to provide position feedback for a variety of industrial applications.
How to select the appropriate volume measuring system
Contract notice: Near field antenna measuring system with absorbers
Key statement: A method and an apparatus for analyzing at least one material characteristic of a tire wherein nuclear magnetic resonance measuring is applied to a tread block of the tire by means of a nuclear magnetic resonance measuring system including a nuclear magnetic resonance sensor.
The Tesa Micro-Hite 3D coordinate measuring system fills the operational gap between precision handheld measuring instruments and high-end coordinate measuring machines.
A key Feature of these robots is the use of an absolute encoder-based measuring system, so the arm "knows" where it is in space; it isn't necessary For a time-consuming reference homing cycle--which can also require more space in a cell than would be necessary to get the job done--to be performed.
report that a new, computer-assisted dose measuring system adopted in 1986 has provided more detailed information about the World War II blasts.