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The angle comparator consists of the basis that includes a precision mechatronicrotary device, a device for detecting circular scale graduation and its relative rotation according to the circular scale measuring system.
The result is an optical measuring system that is automated during the generation of measuring programmes and the measurement itself.
The sleep measuring system already has a practical application, and the product is available on the market.
The Mobile Measuring System provides the required data on output, speed.
The 3-D industrial measuring system DPAInspect works with a digital camera as acquisition device.
As a note of interest, the world's aerospace industry is driven by the American measuring system, which is not metricated.
How to select the appropriate volume measuring system
The TFXP flow measuring system is said to provide unsurpassed accuracy, versatility, ease of installation and dependability.
The Tesa Micro-Hite 3D coordinate measuring system fills the operational gap between precision handheld measuring instruments and high-end coordinate measuring machines.
Also available is the STP-HS tool presetting and measuring system, which is specifically developed For handling turn and turn/turn broaching tools [such as those used For producing crankshafts].
report that a new, computer-assisted dose measuring system adopted in 1986 has provided more detailed information about the World War II blasts.
The measuring system is housed in a sturdy cast iron case.
And a new non-contact optical measuring system for shop-floor QC is being unveiled by Vision Engineering.
AGR International's Vision Bottle Gauge (VBG) is a vision-based dimensional measuring system for glass, plastic, and pharmaceutical containers.