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In conjunction, the company's Vital Signs Measuring System solution has a market size exceeding USD50bn spanning across elderly healthcare, chronic care, hospital discharge management, geographically isolated regions and consumer health and wellness facilities.
The MPI-15 measuring system, made of a LCD multifunction display with built-in magnetic position sensor, when combined with the magnetic band M-BAND-10 is a complete system for the measurement of linear and angular displacement (with a minimum radius of 65mm).
The result is an optical measuring system that is automated during the generation of measuring programmes and the measurement itself.
The magnitude of plantar pressure under the heel (mask 5) was significantly increased in average by 51.2% in the group wearing measuring system (6.0 [+ or -] 1.3 N/[cm.sup.2] in the group without measuring system vs.
The sleep measuring system already has a practical application, and the product is available on the market.
Important parts of an angle measuring system are shown in the section view in Fig.
The Mobile Measuring System provides the required data on output, speed.
An innovative eye measuring system called i.Profiler is used for the computation of i.Scription lenses.
has introduced a video-based measuring system to its metrology product line.
The portable 3-D industrial measuring system is not only designed as a stand-alone solution to measure parts.
This upgrade expands ETemplate Photo's features that are not available with any other digital measuring system, the company says.
has introduced the Galileo EZ video-based measuring system to its metrology product line.
This reference and its associated website are based around a systematic structure generated from consideration of a user's needs at five stages of a measuring system's life cycle: understanding the measurement needed, concept and requirements generation, designing, implementing, and assessing effectiveness.
The 7100 model, avail able in a 40-inch or 56-inch length, is equipped with a patented digital measuring system and offers several options for reading measurements; including fractions, decimals or millimeters.