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Due to its small size, the WaveEye is suitable as an OEM component for a variety of applications, such as tuneable lasers or as part of a larger measuring device.
* Sibress has developed a new plate measuring device with its mobile FlexoControl 3D Plus for the analysis of production parameters during flexographic plate production.
During a round of golf with my son this past Christmas season, I used my distance measuring device to gauge the metres between my ball and the hole.
Those issues can be overcome by using your smartphone as a measuring device. There are numerous apps available that let you do so, including one I use and recommend: No Mess GPS, a free app that works with both iOS and Android devices.
M2 PHARMA-March 6, 2015-FDA Clears Bluetooth Wireless Enhancement for Aerocrine's FeNO Measuring Device
Bourdon tubes have different dimensions depending on the nominal sizes of the measuring device and the measuring range, and are manufactured from long stainless steel tubes in a bending machine.
Also observed was the type of measuring device used; non-standard devices such as a kitchen tablespoon or teaspoon compared to syringes, droppers and dosage cups.
Washington, Mar 9 ( ANI ): Scientists have developed a low-cost digital head posture measuring device with Nintendo Wiimotes to help diagnose a medical condition called ocular torticollis.
The article summarizes the basic requirements they have to implement the measuring device and on the basis of these requirements demonstrates the actual construction of the measuring equipmen at the Institute of Production Engineering develops and trials.
A standardized measuring device was included with 148 of the products examined.