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May I get the distance measuring device," he would ask.
Siemens expands its power monitoring system from the Sentron portfolio by adding the 7KM PAC5100 and 7KM PAC5200 measuring devices.
Almost 17% of the parents used a non-standard measuring device.
Hence a simple measuring device was designed and made to test four specimens at ambient temperature.
The FDA recommended that the medications include a measuring device, with devices and directions using the same abbreviations and units of measurement and devices having only necessary markings and not holding much more than the largest dose described, and that abbreviations should be standard and defined and decimals or fractions should be used carefully.
5% of 110 products that used fractions, and the lack of a statement that the measuring device should be used only with its associated product in 62% of the 148 medications that included a device.
Yet Distance Measuring Devices, or DMDs, are outlawed in tournaments run by the R& A (so you won't see Tiger using one in the Open) and the national golf unions of Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
Configuration software that enables the measuring device to be adjusted to suit the application.
BSI British Standards has just published this revised standard on the calibration and classification of torque measuring devices.
The magnifier and measuring device section of the catalog includes a diverse range of magnifiers and measuring devices including Linen Testers, Microscopes, Collimators, and more.
Interestingly, a new power measuring device called the iBike uses a calibration roll-down procedure to establish a rider's drag characteristics, which then allows power output to be calculated from speed.
The velocity values derived from the contact method for measurement depend on the thickness measurement, which is measured separately from velocity and inputted into the measuring device for calculation.
The magnifier and measuring device section of the catalog includes a diverse range of magnifies and measuring devices including Linen Testers, Thickness Gauges, Optical Comparators and more.
5 based on fiber diameter) with water: Use of the tank as a measuring device has been validated by testing glass spheres, copper wires, and nylon fibers, which all have known hydrodynamic characteristics.
If the measuring device varies for each student, then one student can be taller than another simply because the ruler was stretched more in one measurement than in another, even if by simple observation it is evident that the first is taller.