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Siemens expands its power monitoring system from the Sentron portfolio by adding the 7KM PAC5100 and 7KM PAC5200 measuring devices.
Hence a simple measuring device was designed and made to test four specimens at ambient temperature.
Yet Distance Measuring Devices, or DMDs, are outlawed in tournaments run by the R& A (so you won't see Tiger using one in the Open) and the national golf unions of Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
BSI British Standards has just published this revised standard on the calibration and classification of torque measuring devices.
Another measuring device, with perhaps greater utility, is the Angle Finder Plus Level, obtainable from Professional Equipment.
The velocity values derived from the contact method for measurement depend on the thickness measurement, which is measured separately from velocity and inputted into the measuring device for calculation.
The micro measuring device is said to have an effective measuring range of 500 [micro]m (x 20) with superior resolution, according to the company.
Among its safety features is a reportedly unique built-in magnetic measuring device.
One measuring device, the astrolabe, had two parts.
The UV Minder is an advanced optical measuring device developed in collaboration with Apprise Technologies, Inc.
The unit contains an internal electronic measuring device for the highest blank accuracy.
Between the extrusion tool and the beginning of the cooling line there are also the take-away conveyor for pulling the profile out of the tool; the shrinkage conveyor for relaxation of deformation stresses in the profile; the continuous weighing scales for continuous check of the profile weight; the width measuring device for continuous check of the total profile width; and the profile measuring device for monitoring the cross-section of the profile.
Now, Anthony Peacock, an astrophysicist at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, and his colleagues have built an optical measuring device that they maintain "can overcome the limitations" of conventional CCDs for optical astronomy.
This improves data quality by providing accurate, timestamped eSource readings that can be confidently linked to use by the subject of the measuring device.
The touch point on the laminating conveyor is calculated using a measuring device.