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On the first day of the auction, the 444.44 square yards residential plot 201, in Sector G-10/2 was sold for after receiving a bid of Rs85,000 per square yard Plot 202 in Sector G-10/2 measuring 444.44 sq yds received a bid of Rs84,000 per sqyd, despite the fact that it is adjacent to plot 201.
Plot no.36 in G-11 markaz measuring 3,733.3 3 sq yds was sold for Rs180,000 per sq yd and plot no.
The rod, 16-1/2 feet in length, was used in measuring land.
This approach is based on the assumption that if you give an outcome measure to groups of individuals that you know differ on the phenomenon you are measuring, the scores of the groups should differ if the outcome measure accurately measures what it is intended to measure.
In case of measuring performance improvements made by the participants, nearly one-fourth of the respondents mentioned that they measure it.
While the RPA can correlate well to changes in viscosity for rubber compounds containing very high loadings of fully reinforcing fillers, the capillary rheometer is more accurate in measuring the true viscosity value in this high range of loading, provided there is no wall slippage.
Quah, D and SP Vahey (1995), "Measuring core inflation", Economic Journal, 105 (432).
It can record 50 measuring points with a linear position transducer.
What's new and exciting about ERM is its focus on managing risk (and not just income) as a means of enhancing a firm's value, its insistence on measuring risk in ways that can be compared and combined, and its emphasis on managing a firm's total risk rather than the piecemeal risks that comprise it.
1.368-1(e) (TD 9225, 9/15/05) allows taxpayers some flexibility in measuring continuity of interest (COI) for transactions entered into under a binding contract after Sept.
Depending on the method of measuring used, home buyers could be paying up to a 25% premium for non-livable space, according to the city's brokers.
Ask the soldier to place the measuring tape along the inside of his leg as high as possible.
Specifically, each design can be useful for measuring tasks and performance levels in experience design research for ICT products.
The job of measuring inflation accurately becomes more important the closer you get to zero.