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Synonyms for measure

choose carefully


for good measure

get or take the measure of something or someone

have the measure of someone


measure something up


measure up


  • come up to standard
  • be fit
  • be adequate
  • be capable
  • be suitable
  • make the grade
  • be suited
  • be satisfactory
  • come up to scratch
  • cut the mustard
  • fulfil the expectations
  • fit or fill the bill

measure up to something or someone


Synonyms for measure

the amount of space occupied by something

relative intensity or amount, as of a quality or attribute

a means by which individuals are compared and judged

the act or process of ascertaining dimensions, quantity, or capacity

avoidance of extremes of opinion, feeling, or personal conduct

an action calculated to achieve an end

the formal product of a legislative or judicial body

the patterned, recurring alternation of contrasting elements, such as stressed and unstressed notes in music

to ascertain the dimensions, quantity, or capacity of


measure out: to set aside or distribute as a share

measure up: to be equal or alike

Synonyms for measure

musical notation for a repeating pattern of musical beats


Related Words

measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regular intervals

a container of some standard capacity that is used to obtain fixed amounts of a substance

determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of

express as a number or measure or quantity

have certain dimensions

evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

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Russia will take retaliatory measures against the UK shortly, he added.
It said the prisoners in Nafha prison are going to close their wards on Wednesday to protest the Israeli punitive measures against Natsheh, particularly because he was beaten and tortured by prison guards and he did not receive medical treatment.
The measures transposed today include: the strengthening of the export ban to the DPRK of all refined petroleum products by reducing the amount of barrels that may be exported from 2 million barrels to 500,000 barrels per year; a ban on imports from the DPRK of food and agricultural products, machinery, electrical equipment, earth and stone, and wood; a ban on exports to the DPRK of all industrial machinery, transportation vehicles, and expansion to all iron, steel and other metals; further maritime restrictive measures against vessels where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the vessel has been involved in the breach of UN sanctions; the requirement to repatriate all DPRK workers abroad within 24 months, subject to applicable national and international law.
Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Commissioner said that the aim of observing the world diabetes day was to create awareness among the people regarding preventive measures against diabetes.
The National Bank of Hungary (MNB) has said that it is to take measures against cryptocurrency, OneCoin.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday restrained the revenue authorities from taking any coercive measures against Ittefaq Sugar Mills and Kashmir Sugar Mills for a period of two months.
Summary: Health Minister Wael Abu Faour Tuesday referred to the general prosecution the case of distributing illegal medications from Syria in Lebanon, and took measures against three pharmacies for violating regulations.
European Union foreign ministers have said they were prepared to take restrictive measures against spoilers of political process in Libya.
The Symposium was attended by the , President of the Federation of Arab parliamentarians , representative of the State of Palestine , Chairman of the National Group for Human Rights Chairman of the Supreme Committee against unilateral coercive measures against Sudan, Ibrahim Abdel-Halim in addition to representatives of the National Assembly, France ,the United States and Algeria .
Utterly peeved with this abominable crime, the lawmaker called for serious and detrimental legal measures against the deceased's husband.
He urged "necessary deterrent measures against the perpetrators of this ugly crime, for which the Syrian regime is responsible.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian legislator warned the US against a military invasion of Syria, and said any wrong move by Washington and its allies against Syria or Lebanon will be followed by retaliatory measures against Israel which he described as a hostage of the regional Muslim nations.
Following announcements that five European countries are to initiate a control mechanism for the visa liberalization for Macedonia, the Ministry of Interior explains that it is constantly undertaking measures against abuses.
Summary: The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), the number one bank in the UAE, launched a security service that sends cardholders a dynamic code via SMS for each online purchase to further increase the cardholder's safety measures against possible fraud.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq's Minister of Immigration & Immigrants, Dindar Najman Doski, has received the Dutch Ambassador to Baghdad, Lander Perk, at the headquarters of the Ministry in Baghdad, and both sides have discussed the conditions of the Iraqis, existing in the Netherlands, calling on the Ambassador to convince his government to ease up the legal measures against them.