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The investigation - initiated in June 2012 - was called off on 14 December 2012 after the European Commission refused to extend AD measures against Chinese lighters, measures that had been applied on every single Chinese lighter for the past 21 years.
SIDON, Lebanon: New UNIFIL precautionary measures against attacks were evident during a visit by the Indonesian peacekeeping contingent to Sidon over the weekend.
"The Israeli government has not committed to what has been agreed, particularly a waiver of arbitrary measures against the prisoners after the deal was implemented as a ban on university education for the detainees still stands and the money paid for that purpose withheld along with police raids on prisoners' quarters," it added.
What the specific consequences or targeted measures which are to be implemented by the EU will be remains to be seen, as the Council's decision on Friday only involved an approval of the need to take measures against Turkey, effectively initiating the procedure of the submission of possible options.
Jahangir Butt appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the FBR oppressive measures against traders and bring to justice the responsible officials.
The vote was conducted in private to avoid any legal measures against the parliament later on.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian legislator warned the US against a military invasion of Syria, and said any wrong move by Washington and its allies against Syria or Lebanon will be followed by retaliatory measures against Israel which he described as a hostage of the regional Muslim nations.
The Council of the European Union voiced its concerns over increasing tensions in Mali, Sudan and Guinea Bissau, condemned the coups d'etat that occurred both in Mali, on 22 March, and Guinea-Bissau, on 12 April, and threatened to impose restrictive measures against Guinea-Bissau.
He had earlier given a speech denouncing Israeli measures against holy sites in Jaffa.
"He further stressed upon sharing of information and real time intelligence to enable the Pakistan authorities for taking the preemptive measures against any possible threat to UK and other western countries from terrorists," it added.
Global Banking News-30 August 2010-Central bank of Japan takes measures against strong yen rally(C)2010 ENPublishing -
Well, his program includes abolishing the income tax, measures against illegal immigration, withdrawal of France from both the European Union and the new euro currency, and opposition to abortion.
LAHORE -- A Lahore High Court (LHC) division bench on Wednesday stopped National Accountability Bureau (NAB) from taking coercive measures against PML-N sitting MPA and former provincial minister Rana Mashhood.
against Cuba, and, in this particular case, condemn the introduction of new unilateral coercive measures against this country.
Protesters chanted slogans against terrorists and demanded of the government to take practical measures against militants.