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to a measurable degree


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Its grantmaking and community work are guided by its mission to measurably improve the health of those who live and work in the western suburbs of Chicago.
Clean Air Group's AtmosAirTM brand provides unique and proven air purification technologies that measurably improve indoor air quality while improving energy efficiency and reducing building operating costs.
Unless things have changed, both Stoeger and Benelli are ingredients in the Beretta USA mix and the delayed blowback system is measurably cleaner that a gas-operated design.
The company offers comprehensive services, including purchase of receivables, designed to measurably improve clients' cash flows and long-term profitability.
She will play a role in shaping and executing a national initiative for Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media designed to measurably raise Americans' engagement with critical water issues, their implications and possible solutions.
NSYS Group expects to diversify Luxoft's client base and decrease current client and geographical concentration, measurably expanding Luxoft's North American footprint in particular.
The State Council law, once enacted, would speed up measurably handling all cases of administrative nature, said president of the appeals court Mohammad bin Naji in a speech at the forum.
"Zebra's 3600 series sets a new, measurably higher rugged scanner standard and we are keen to ensure that as many users as possible have access to its benefits.
Hosting his last nuclear security summit in Washington, Mr Obama said the world has measurably reduced the risk of nuclear terrorism by taking "concrete, tangible steps." He said no terrorists have thus far obtained nuclear material, and he praised recent moves by Argentina, Switzerland and Uzbekistan for getting rid of their stockpiles of highly enriched uranium.
After three months of daily zinc supplements, their zinc levels measurably improved, as did their levels of the T-cells that play a vital role in the body's immune response.
OUR MISSION--We measurably improve quality, satisfaction and financial performance of healthcare delivery through exceptional inpatient care, deep investments in our people and performance management expertise, as well as complete alignment with our partners.
In trials, 90% of testers said it revitalised their skin in a month, and at three months neck creases and sagging were measurably reduced.
Our overall goal is that individuals and institutions in the Jewish community are living measurably healthier and more sustainable lives.
average score was 492, not measurably different from the average of all participating countries (500) but lower than the average in seven systems; 9% of U.S.
Staples' Smart-size packaging was found to measurably improve customer satisfaction, supply chain sustainability and efficiencies.