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Synonyms for measurable

Synonyms for measurable

capable of being measured

of distinguished importance

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Even now, however, it falls short of complete precision, since similarity is not prima facie measurable, and it would require much discussion to decide what we mean by greater or less similarity.
The effect of any writing on the public mind is mathematically measurable by its depth of thought.
It's considered 'safe' to invest marketing dollars in places with measurable return.
The efficacy analysis from Cohort A presented at ASCO GU showed a PSA response rate of 12 % in the total cohort population (n=5/41), 14 % among patients with measurable disease (n=4/28) and 8 % (n=1/13) among patients with non-measurable disease.
His latest statement (Journal Letters, January 23) that "the UN claim sea levels have risen by 3mm in the last 100 years", and therefore not measurable, is just plain wrong.
28, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Most breast milk samples have measurable ?-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (?9-THC) up to about six days after maternal use, according to a study published online Aug.
After 33 successive days with no measurable rainfall in much of the eastern half of the county, trees are turning brown as leaves turn crispy and wither away.
We describe three activities that help undergraduates (pre-service teachers) to develop scientific vocabulary on measurable attributes and units of measurement.
Cardlytics, a purchase intelligence platform that helps make marketing more relevant and measurable, has announced that Sathish Gaddipati has been named Chief Technology Officer, the company said.
In "Healthy People 2020: Midcourse Review," which the National Center for Health Statistics released in January, researchers found that of about 800 objectives with measurable data, more than 27 percent had met or exceeded their 2020 targets, while nearly 24 percent were improving and about 14 percent of measurable objectives got worse.
It is important to answer this question because, to any sigma algebra on B(H), a particular type of operator valued measurable functions is corresponded.
Let ([OMEGA], [mu]) be a finite measure space, and let M([OMEGA]) be the set of all measurable functions on [OMEGA] with values in [-[infinity], +[infinity]], [M.sup.+]([OMEGA]) be the subset of the nonnegative functions, and [M.sub.0]([OMEGA]) be the subset of the real valued functions.
As you read through the Journal, traveling from historic sites to the International Crane Foundation, remember that our discipline is as varied and diverse as our locations, mediums, and messages, but what unites us as a field is our desire to make a measurable difference.