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the quality of being measurable

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One thing is certain: great content and convenience will continue to dominate, and it is on the programmers and agencies to improve measurability of the medium, keeping the consumer at the heart of any decision.
While this access to information and measurability is an advancement, it has also put stakeholders in the driving seat in reacting to short-term gains or losses rather than keeping an eye on long-term business stability.
The company combines strategy and planning, marketing, design, PR and social expertise, together with proprietary software that delivers measurability and intelligence, to help firms improve their performance, meet business objectives and manage their reputation.
The report stressed the importance of establishing a clear target with a fixed commitment to renewable energy portfolio standards, which would be more productive due to being decreed by law and guarantee its measurability.
According to the 'Renewables Readiness Assessment', a clear target needs to be set with specific obligations such as renewable portfolio standards, which tend to be more effective because they ensure measurability and are mandated by law.
Technology can aid in improving monitoring and measurability of activation programs that gives better control and greatly improve its performance and effectiveness.
On average, we receive about 1,000 apps lined for the world records per week with only 5 per cent making it through," said Glenday, stating that measurability and universality of a project are among the criteria of gaining a world record.
Their topics include the measurability and semi-continuity of multifunctions, the optimality of function spaces in Sobolev embeddings, a note on the off-diagonal Muckenhoupt-Wheedon conjecture, the Radon-Nikod<'y>m theorem for vector measures and integral representation of operators on Banach function spaces, and the Orlicz-Pettis theorem for multiplier convergent series.
This has not borne much fruit and lacks measurability of impact.
It's also critical to have clear metrics for measurability and accountability, as well as transparent and detailed reporting on the plan's progress."
"We have been wrong about Snap's ability to innovate and improve its ad product this year (improving scalability, targeting, measurability, etc.) and user monetization," ( wrote Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak.
"While the measurability of the surgery's success may not be clear-cut for more than a year post-transplantation, we are hopeful the procedure could significantly contribute to the longterm development of therapies for thousands of people living with Huntington's disease."
In the study performed by Yildirim, Tabak and Yavuz (2012) to investigate to what extent MNE teaching competencies are included in the education sciences test of PPSE, they examined the education sciences questions of 2010 PPSE and concluded that these questions did not tend to measure the teacher qualifications specified by MNE and the performance indicators of the general competencies for teaching profession had weak measurability. In addition, the competencies in question are based on the performance observation.
"This investment is VGI's strategic move to completely revolutionize the traditional way of advertising by raising the effectiveness and measurability of advertising campaigns.