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When melancholy raises its height, the feeling of meaninglessness knocks on the door.
Amnesty International has now entered into the ephemeral world of meaninglessness where nothing is right and nothing is wrong.
Lest we forget, Bouazizi was an ordinary man who wished to give meaning to his life, but who confronted meaninglessness, which reduced everything and everyone in size.
More precisely, alienation is said to consist in a distorted relation to self and world resulting from a failure to appropriate oneself or the world, to make oneself or the world "one's own." Consequences of such failure include a sense of meaninglessness or estrangement, loss of power in relation to self and world, and subjugation to the products of one's own activity.
I wish to encourage others in their ministry among seniors, assuring them that the Spirit of the Crucified One can transform their and our own anxiety and meaninglessness into hope.
At the time, Nietzsche was a professor of classical philology (the study of language in written historical sources); in The Birth of Tragedy, he contemplated the Apollonian and Dionysian elements of classical Athenian tragedy, viewing ancient plays as an art form that rose above the fundamental hopelessness, meaninglessness, and nihilism that surrounds life.
Though she rightly recognises that boredom is a painful state, or an existential mood, in which one experiences feelings of emptiness, withdrawal, indifference and meaninglessness, she fails to truly outline the root of boredom.
In a brief study of 140 pages, Professor Hungerford provides an engaging investigation into what she terms "belief in meaninglessness" while combining an intelligent historicism with close readings of literary texts.
Teaching the Meaning and Meaninglessness of Life Via the Liberal Arts.
They work because they make the mind of the person flexible.--Louis Bird, Omushkego Cree elder We live stories that either give our life meaning or negate it with meaninglessness. If we change the stories we live by, quite possibly we change our lives.--Ben Okri, Nigerian writer and storyteller
Sources of existential anxiety include death or nonbeing, the need to act, meaninglessness, and isolation or aloneness.
It's meaningless, and much of our world is predicated on meaninglessness. And I don't do that anymore," he added.