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Synonyms for understanding

Synonyms for understanding

the faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems, and views of others

Synonyms for understanding

an inclination to support or be loyal to or to agree with an opinion

the capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination

characterized by understanding based on comprehension and discernment and empathy

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For the purpose of this manuscript I looked closely at student work that reflected or addressed the process of meaning-making, and thus I obtained data used in this manuscript from the Cultural Selfies of eight pre-service teachers.
Data analysis shows that Jonny was able to produce a multimedia text that employed various meaning-making resources such as word, image, color, and sound appropriately to the purpose and audience.
As for the relationship between meaning-making and creativity, benefit-finding is a construct that captures lifestyle and behavioral changes in perception (Lenchner, Tennen, & Affleck, 2009).
Linguistic and gestural meaning-making through transformative practice
Bennett seems to be telling us that the plays discussed earlier are about "meaning-making" exercises that people experienced everywhere, from societies to the stage, during difficult times in Europe.
Contextualised meaning-making is central to an adequate understanding of children, children's programs and policies.
Belonging, meaning-making, and a community-based worldview are important to the socialization of youth but the firm establishment of youth within religious communities most likely requires behavioral engagement or contribution on the part of the youth.
Career interventions centered in the meaning-making stage (Kegan, 1982, 1994) of the client are most appropriate for this purpose.
If we view spirituality in large part as a meaning-making activity (see below for further clarification), there is a palpable relationship between spirituality and counseling.
The more elaborate structures of these later images offer additional or alternative spaces for meaning-making which, when compared and contrasted with the main scene, multiply the possibilities for witty plays of reference constructed by the viewer.
Similarly, Melissa's meaning-making attempts during phonics literacy events became increasingly more complex.
Why does the meaning-making part of me no longer work?
The growth of the ordinary into something else, the appropriation of style and form to fit a need to express, the meaning-making that resonates with others continues in dance, but never for long without strong roots.
A Black woman rhetorical critic locates self and violates the space of otherness through an African-American women's rhetorical tradition that endorses an ethic of care, dialogue for a meaning-making partnership, and a vision of unity in humanity.
Our attempts to understand complex situations are helped by raising certain questions during the meaning-making process.