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(astronomy) time based on the motion of the mean sun (an imaginary sun moving uniformly along the celestial equator)

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ran] is yearly mean time to failure removed by repairs, [h/year]:
Photographs documenting the passage of the container-cum-clock from London to New York on board a freighter suggested a comedic aspect of Mean Time and underscored Almond's interest in the performative and real-time dimensions to his art.
Our products are implemented in days rather than months; and our customers realize a return on their investment in three to six months through increased availability of their critical business infrastructure, reduced overhead, reduced mean time to repair, and reduced risk.
In which case, let Scotland, ever more ploughing its own furrow, have a special time zone - the very apt Scottish Mean Time.
Mean Time Between Failures is often confused with service life.
The secondary study endpoints of mean time to air leak cessation and percentage of patients leak-free at the end of surgery were also both significantly improved in the treated group (p = 0.
Also new are reports of mean time between alarms for each machine station, mean time between downtime occurrences, mean time to acknowledge alarms, and mean time to get a machine back up and running again; as well as total available machine hours, downtime hours, and idle hours per machine.
Studies of the time they took to turn about after sudden reversals of the magnetic field indicate that the reversal time (which varies by size from one-half second to 50 seconds) is smaller than the mean time of other perturbations that take place in the organisms' environment, and the energy of the magnetic interaction is greater than the thermal disorder energy.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) with the investment community to discuss Elan's fourth quarter and full year 2006 financial results, which will be released before the U.
The Novell and Greenwich Mean Time bundle will help businesses to easily assess their networks for Year 2000 bugs and will assist companies to deploy Year 2000-ready products and apply appropriate manufacturers' recommended fixes to ease the transition for end users and network administrators into the next millennium.
Expanding clusters of commoditized servers has resulted in higher failure rates and lower mean time between failures (MTBF) because of the large number of nodes and the length of time users want to run parallel applications.
In the first category, LIDAKOL-treated patients experienced their first pain reduction in a significantly earlier mean time of less one day.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) at the Landmark London Hotel in London, England.
RF Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Leader To Present And Offer Key Service Technology That Significantly Lowers Total Cost of Ownership To Member Companies
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