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a theoretical sun that moves along the celestial equator at a constant speed and completes its annual course in the same amount of time the real sun takes at variable speeds

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It is interesting that the midcentury recovery in the number of annual sunny days is much more pronounced than the small rises in mean sun fraction: from minimums of about 25 in the 1920s back to counts exceeding 80 fully sunny days per year by the mid-1960s.
7 Mihre erisim, "Lass uns die Liebste erreichen," Mihr might mean "love" (not "the beloved"), but it can also mean sun and indeed must mean that here, since later in this verse it is contrasted as usual with zerre, "mote" (cf.
Sun's problem with ISO - and the PAS publicly available specification process to which it was to have submitted the Java 2 specification - is that rule changes ISO has made to PAS, plus guidelines ISO has issued mean Sun would have to give up ultimate control of the future development and maintenance of the specification to ISO's membership.
38%), even though the urban residents had a significantly higher mean sun exposure index (113 vs.
OR many people, holidays mean sun, sand and spending three hours blowing up plastic beach toys shaped like Lady Penelope's orangery.