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This contrast is also sustained by the selection of lexical items with a negative superlative connotation (for example, the adjective describing the meagerness of the horse or the construction referring to the very low phone signal).
I think that this political, or betterly, governmental meagerness in present times calls for deepened investigation.
The meagerness of the margin -- the difference between the cost of running a service station and what can be made from selling its fuel -- means that oil companies, especially international majors, have shied away from entering the Thai market, while some with a presence have called it quits.
I foresee (at least) four types of objection: critics might argue (1) that attempts by academics to contribute to the eradication of poverty are ineffective (the ineffectiveness argument); (2) that while they would yield some benefits these benefits are too small to justify the effort required to achieve them (the meagerness argument); (3) that the kinds of projects promoted by ASAP may be not only ineffective but actually harmful (the harmfulness argument); and (4) that even if antipoverty initiatives yield benefits (and, specifically, benefits that outweigh the costs involved), it is wrong for academics to engage in such initiatives because doing so would contravene some other responsibility, or responsibilities, that apply to them (the countervailing responsibility argument).
87)Rosenberg surely foresaw Koons: "In contrast to the meagerness of art, the artist is blown up to gigantic proportions.
In 11, 28 Lucius is ordered to second initiation but deterred by the meagerness of his funds.
As Uzoma Esonwanne (2000: 1-2) argues, the meagerness of biographical sources can generate myths about a poet like Okigbo.
Who are they," she asks, "and why do they garner the trust that is with increasing meagerness afforded to college and university faculties?
On the other hand, what is enhancing the meagerness of the authority's offer - as it is trying to propose financial gains and to improve the social conditions of the vulnerable factions threatened of sliding toward utmost poverty - is the fact that this offer does not include any real participation in the authority or the decision-making process, while the citizens firstly want to be recognized as people with rights and not beneficiaries from profits and pardons excluding the political detainees, such as the pardon issued in Syria a few days ago.
The meagerness of her explanation along with my father's pursed lips conveyed I was not to ask more, although I was terribly puzzled.
In fact, last time I think he suggested that I do my best to right now start finding professional writing jobs of whatever level of meagerness just so that I'd be out there doing it already, getting that experience.
In contrast, they obsessed over meagerness in women as a serious and widespread beauty and health problem.
The meagerness of contacts with the Arabs is explainable by the tendency on the part of the Jewish elite group to rely on the Western backing in its strife to achieve the Zionist objective, which was bound to adversely affect the mere existence of the Arab population of Palestine.
Moreover, Arabs in Israel have a strong sense of being second-class citizens, a perception that is supported by the meagerness of the national resources dedicated to Arab schools and municipal infrastructure compared with those devoted to the Jewish sector.