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any better, adopted this same "meagerness" of vision, which
To those who thought Luz espoused only a meagerness of execution, this series should come as a revelation.
Otherwise, we shall have but a nation of smirking persons, polite, dapper, genteel and correct, following the established forms, their shrunken frames concealed in costumes, because, if they were stript, their meagerness and deformity would disgust the world.
But the things again boil down to the meagerness of economic resources.
The combinatory procedures he performs on his carefully chosen assortments of objects are not intended to valorize or aggrandize them; instead, they are designed to come to grips with the conditions of the items meagerness and in that insufficiency paradoxically find the basis for rich experience.
One who reads his autobiographical letter to Justice Joseph Story is bound to be amazed at the meagerness of his education and training, both generally and in the law itself.
The issue you want to uncover with your "walk" through these provisions is the contrast between the generosity of the coverage description and the meagerness of the internal coverage limit.
This contrast is also sustained by the selection of lexical items with a negative superlative connotation (for example, the adjective describing the meagerness of the horse or the construction referring to the very low phone signal).
Under the standard, a court hearing an inherent-power request in a state-level budget dispute must decide when the meagerness of a general judicial budget renders a court incapable of rendering a specific constitutionally required duty.
I think that this political, or betterly, governmental meagerness in present times calls for deepened investigation.
The meagerness of the margin -- the difference between the cost of running a service station and what can be made from selling its fuel -- means that oil companies, especially international majors, have shied away from entering the Thai market, while some with a presence have called it quits.
I foresee (at least) four types of objection: critics might argue (1) that attempts by academics to contribute to the eradication of poverty are ineffective (the ineffectiveness argument); (2) that while they would yield some benefits these benefits are too small to justify the effort required to achieve them (the meagerness argument); (3) that the kinds of projects promoted by ASAP may be not only ineffective but actually harmful (the harmfulness argument); and (4) that even if antipoverty initiatives yield benefits (and, specifically, benefits that outweigh the costs involved), it is wrong for academics to engage in such initiatives because doing so would contravene some other responsibility, or responsibilities, that apply to them (the countervailing responsibility argument).
All of this has been removed from the viewer." (87)Rosenberg surely foresaw Koons: "In contrast to the meagerness of art, the artist is blown up to gigantic proportions." (88)
In 11, 28 Lucius is ordered to second initiation but deterred by the meagerness of his funds.