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Synonyms for meagerly

deficient in amount or quality or extent

to a meager degree or in a meager manner

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Whether illustrating the back-breaking and meagerly compensated labor of the women and men, the lack of health care that results in early mortality, or the grinding shortfall between what the head of a family like Ombima wants and what he can earn, Gazemba makes clear both the lure and the consequence of forbidden acts.
Charter Arms with their .44 Special managed to keep the meagerly flickering flame of the Special alive at a time when both Colt and Smith & Wesson dropped their .44 Special sixguns.
Corn suggested that it's a disservice to the public when known inaccuracies aren't challenged, or are but meagerly so.
On the basis of extensive research that has been undertaken on the subject around the world, but meagerly in Lebanon, the answer is: most probably not.
The mineral wealth of Pakistan contributes meagerly to its GDP.
Freed, she stared meagerly a faint wince in her brow, and he could not escape her look.
It was nighttime and the tarmac was meagerly lit with the telltale red glow of mercury vapor lamps.
In a country like India, where most of the critical care measures are meagerly available and unaffordable by the majority of citizens, it is important that a scoring system is employed to not only prognosticate accurately the outcome, but should also be simple and cost effective.
There we were, my humble, meagerly paid Combat Motion Picture Team and myself, laying the groundwork for an Academy Awards nomination for Francis and his gang.
Pakistan has an agrarian economy and a majority of the agro-based population was living in rural areas, which was contributing meagerly in green house gas emission.
I worked steadily guest starring and doing commercials and I lived meagerly off of residuals for years."
In this process, property owners were meagerly compensated, and long-standing communities found themselves broken up, contributing to a further fracturing of Khoisan identities.
Both the parties have not really put their thoughts into the idea and meagerly proclaim prohibition out of competitive spirit in order only to outsmart PWF and PMK.
What else could one expect from the pupils of meagerly paid unmotivated teachers of public schools majority of whom do not take-up to teaching as a first choice, but land there only when they fail to get jobs in other professions.