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Synonyms for meager

conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

Synonyms for meager

deficient in amount or quality or extent

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For example, capturing unique imagery that can only be obtained when it's dark," says Daniel Meager, Accountable Manager and Chief Pilot.
The EOBI pension is given to eligible ex-employees of industrial and commercial establishments and is increased by meager amounts after gaps of many years in-between.
In section three, we introduce fuzzy soft dense sets, fuzzy soft nowhere dense sets, fuzzy soft meager sets, fuzzy soft second category sets, fuzzy soft meager spaces, fuzzy soft second category spaces, fuzzy soft residual sets, fuzzy soft Baire spaces, fuzzy soft [delta]-sets, fuzzy soft [[lambda].sub.[sigma]]-sets, fuzzy soft [sigma]-nowhere dense, fuzzy soft [sigma]-meager, fuzzy soft [sigma]-residual, fuzzy soft [sigma]-Baire, fuzzy soft [sigma]-second category, fuzzy soft [sigma]-residual, fuzzy, fuzzy soft submaximal space, fuzzy soft P-space, fuzzy soft almost resolvable space, fuzzy soft hyperconnected space, fuzzy soft A-embedded, fuzzy soft D-Baire, fuzzy soft almost P-spaces, fuzzy soft Borel, and fuzzy soft o-algebra.
On this week's TribCast, Emily talks with Evan, Ross and Edgar about Julian Castro's vice presidential prospects, Donald Trump's meager campaign cash and health care cuts affecting Texas children with disabilities.
KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): Officials in southern Kandahar province on Saturday criticised the central government for what they said allocating a meager of amount of development budget for the restive province.
Although, the rescue operation is underway in the freezing area, the chances of any survivors are very meager. (end) KUNA 141928 Apr 12NNNN
Kelly Meager, who used to suffer from dangerously high blood pressure and high cholesterol went from a size 26 to a size 12 in two years.
The designs will be pitched against one another and will be judged by Kate Burnett, editor of high profile interior design magazine idFX, by representatives of the Surface Design course and by Jacaranda owners Richard and Lucy Meager.
Washington, Mar 7 (ANI): A meager 26 percent Americans approve of the functioning and actions taken by the United Nations in its 60-year history.
However the amount was described as "meager."United Nations Relief Works Agency spokesperson Christopher Gunness said today that "distribution is based on the meager amount that we were able to transfer Monday.
A TOUGH war is expected tonight for the British lightweight title between well-matched Mancunians John Murray and Lee Meager, but undefeated Murray should end up with his hand raised after 12 gruelling rounds in Wigan.
Alan, 49, and Kate Meager, 55, had their own business, a US holiday home, and a rented-out flat but claimed pounds 3,400 in council tax benefits.
Joyo said the lands will be given free to poor people mainly meager and landless farmers.
Self-publishing can potentially be much more lucrative than landing a publisher, since publishers all too frequently come with meager royalty rates, a typical 18-24 month wait to publication, the loss of book rights, and minimal or nonexistent help with marketing.