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Synonyms for meadow

Synonyms for meadow

a field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay


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This is the meadowy panorama where Maria von Trapp wishes she could have spun around.
love solitude and the dark and living apart from mankind, others love spaciousness, light, and meadowy surroundings, and gardens rich in fruit and streams.
Expect mellow yellow tones, summery whites, aquatic blues, romantic pinks, icy mint, warm rose and meadowy greens in all key pieces.
As I grip her hips and enter from on high, I feel then as if I have wings and all of nature seems spread out before me, green as that meadowy baize, and I experience the exhilaration of the spirit that glimpses of the eternal verities are said to elicit in the hearts of poets.
Beautiful meadowy, gingery aroma; limey and crisp on the palate.