mea culpa

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Synonyms for mea culpa

a statement of acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon

Words related to mea culpa

an acknowledgment of your error or guilt

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Also part of the "Sino Ang May Sala?: Mea Culpa" cast are Agot Isidro, Janice de Belen, Ayen Munji-Laurel, Jay Manalo, Allan Paule, and Boboy Garovillo.
GEORDIE Shore star Charlotte Crosby apparently didn't take too kindly to her ex's very public mea culpa.
"I was not sensitive enough to my concern for the taxpayer." His mea culpa came a day after a public rebuke from President Donald Trump.
Call me suspicious if you like, but could Frau Merkel be getting her mea culpa out of the way before the German elections?
"In recent years, we have heard 'mea culpa' many times.
Tout comme pour son mea culpa exprime sur le desastre libyen, Obama a reitere son engagement pour une solution politique qui passe par la negociation rejetant categoriquement l'idee d'envoyer des troupes americaines combattre au sol en Syrie.
This is reflected in her latest exhibition, "Mea Culpa".
I read True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa after watching the movie version that came out in early 2015.
Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!--from the tradition of librarians producing subject terminology while they were blithely unaware of, and seemingly indifferent to, its relation to user language.
Instead, I see my death as a sort of mea culpa for having wasted the gift of existence.
Keolis Commuter Services took out a full page ad in The Boston Globe on Thursday to issue a mea culpa for slow, delayed and cancelled trains that it blamed on near-record snowfall amounts in eastern Massachusetts this winter.
As I meditated on my moral inventory, a phrase rose to the surface: Mea culpa.
9 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that what couples want from each other during a blowup is not a mea culpa but rather the willingness to bend a little and give up some power.