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Synonyms for mazuma

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

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Pioneering a low-cost, hassle-free, subscription-based service that's shaking up an entire industry, their firm, Mazuma, has grown steadily and now serves companies in the UK and USA.
Our documentation team was able to demonstrate tremendous flexibility and a high-level of expertise throughout the underwriting and funding process," said Kristina Allen, Vice President of Operations at Mazuma Capital.
gt; tuo paciu metu bando prabilti bent i du gyventoju sluoksnius: i architektus--nedidele suinteresuota mazuma, kuriai rupi specifines architekturos problemos, ir i placiaja visuomene bei vietos gyventojus, kuriems svarbus patogumas ir tradicine statyba bei gyvensena" (Dzhenks 1985).
com)-- Mazuma Capital is pleased to announce the hiring of Todd K.
Trade-in site Mazuma Mobile, for example, says it has paid out more than pounds 100million in the UK since 2007 and has recently started accepting tablet computers as well as mobile phones.
Asda is pledging not to be beaten on prices by similar services run by Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury's, Mazuma and Envirofone.
On the side of buyers and lire-kickers, there is plenty of dough or, to use the technical terminology, mazuma, shekels, drachmas, moola, loot and lucre.
Their firm, Mazuma, now employs 19 people at its headquarters in Bridgend - with another 30 based in franchised offices throughout the UK.
Mazuma, a mobile phone recycling company, announced on 2 April that it is launching a mobile data delete tool for use on mobile telephone handsets.
Encontrando similitud en las especies de flora mas abundantes con el rio Ayuta, se encontraron tambien ejemplares de Pithecellobium dulce, Mazuma ulmifolia, Tabebuia sp, y Ceiba pentandra.
Innovative accountancy firm Mazuma, which provides services for SMEs and sole traders, was set up by Lucy Cohen and Sophie Hughes, both 24, from Cardiff.
kosher, shadchan, matzoth, mazuma, yom kippur, meshugga and gefilte-fisch.
Across the line, it's all still pie and ice cream and mazuma.
Pierce is the president and chief executive officer of the Mazuma Credit Union.