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Synonyms for mayhem

Synonyms for mayhem

the willful and unlawful crippling or mutilation of another person

violent and needless disturbance


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Five-piece Ball of Mayhem were so pleased with the video they uploaded it on to the American music website Sunset Island Music, where they went head-to-head with 30,000 others to win the title of Song of the Year 2012.
DHS Begley Graders Derby S&D Bookmakers (Peterborough): 5-2 Diamond Cnoc, Monleek Mayhem, 11-4 Burndennet Hobo, 4 Ballymac Phoenix, 10 Slim Jim Phantom, 20 Shes Relentless.
When guest number 101 turns out to be Donkey Kong, he pinches the real thing, and the usual mayhem ensues.
They must crack down on those pedalling in murder and mayhem.
One woman, who was stuck for four-and-a-half hours, said: "It was total mayhem.
This year's Mayhem winner will also bag themselves a professionally edited portfolio DVD and a makeover and photoshoot with top music photographer Darren Paul.
Video or DVD entries to be addressed to: MAOAM Dance Mayhem 2006, Brando, 57 Jamestown Road, London NW1 7DB.
Only those who don't like their kung fu mayhem mixed with healthy doses of special-effects silliness will really have grounds for complaint.
Invest in a Mayhem Pedometer Radio, pounds 13 (www.
And unlike Hollywood's batch of black-and-white flag-wavers from the early '40s, this recent rush of cinematic battle cries brings us up close and personal to the carnage and mayhem of war.
Everybody knows the holiday season can get hectic, but starting this week, Nintendo is offering a new kind of mayhem that families can actually look forward to.
In a lot of ways, the Mayhem Poets - New Jersey performance poets Kyle Rapps, Scott Raven and Mason Granger - seem to be the inheritors of a lot of the trends permeating today's poetry world.
DAVID PRUHS managed to get his hands on the Coral On TV Standard final trophy after Monleek Mayhem proved too strong for kennelmate Inamra Girl over the standard 400m trip on Friday night.
Linda Thompson says she expected madness and mayhem when she went to cover a Fleetwood Mac song with the Primal Scream frontman but instead got a cuddle.
Maoam Dance Mayhem 07 is organised by fruit chew firm Maoam and Clubdtv.