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Synonyms for maximum

Synonyms for maximum

the greatest quantity or highest degree attainable

the greatest amount or number allowed

greatest in quantity or highest in degree that has been or can be attained

Synonyms for maximum

the greatest possible degree

the point on a curve where the tangent changes from positive on the left to negative on the right

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the greatest or most complete or best possible


References in classic literature ?
To begin with, one sees the world nearly at a maximum wealth and prosperity.
One hundred and fifty-three degrees had been the maximum temperature above the ice stratum.
In the latter case, the projectile would attain its maximum of speed; and in the former its minimum.
He wore a flannel collar of unfamiliar shape, and his clothes, although they were neat enough, were of a pattern and cut obviously designed to afford the maximum of ease and comfort with the minimum regard to appearance.
Sir Henry's yellow locks were now almost upon his shoulders, and he looked more like an ancient Dane than ever, while my grizzled scrub was fully an inch long, instead of half an inch, which in a general way I considered my maximum length.
He spent his evenings poring over accounts, or making endless calculations based on cheaper freights for copra and on the possible maximum and minimum market prices for that staple of commerce.