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the act of raising to the highest possible point or condition or position

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Also, if a resident has a care package offered to them by the council, they are offered a Benefit Maximisation check.
La quete de maximisation privilegiee par les approches couts/benefices inscrit le processus d'allocation dans une perspective de bien commun motivee par la necessite de faire un usage rationnel et responsable des ressources.
The Nikira, Moneta and Concilia revenue maximisation products from Subex Azure Limited, a global provider of OSS solutions for telecomms operators, have been selected by the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC), a wireline and wireless operator, to improve its financial performance.
1) It also takes for granted the absolute dominance of commercial leisure provision at the time of the First World War, ignoring Gary Cross's argument in Time and Money that the inter-war years saw the key struggle between lifestyles that prioritised the maximisation of free time and the enjoyment of relatively uncommodified leisure, and the maximisation of income together with high levels of consumer spending, a battle that was largely won and lost in the United States and Britain during the 1920s and 1930s.
The Fournaise Marketing Group ("Fournaise") is one of the world's leading Customer Acquisition Maximisation companies, called by organisations when they want to acquire more customers to boost sales.