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Synonyms for maximal

greatest in quantity or highest in degree that has been or can be attained

Synonyms for maximal

the greatest or most complete or best possible


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In the MVC tasks, as well as subsequent maximal voluntary co-contraction tasks, the EMG activities of knee extensors (rectus femoris and vastus lateralis, averaged), knee flexors (biceps femoris), plantar flexors (gastrocnemius and soleus, averaged), and dorsi flexors (tibialis anterior) were also recorded.
The maximal k x k minors of k x n-matrices form projective coordinates on the Grassmannian, called the Plucker coordinates.
A Boolean-near-ring (B, [disjunction], [and]) is having the proper subset A, is a maximal set with uni-element in an associate ring R, with identity under suitable definitions for (B, +,) with corresponding lattices (A, [less than or equal to])(A, <) and
The discovery of the 'Angle of Maximal Rejuvenation' is another step towards perfecting facelifting techniques," said Dr.
From 12 studies reporting separate data on wine or beer consumption, two closely overlapping dose-response curves were obtained suggesting maximal protection of 33 percent at 25 g/day of alcohol approximately (2 drinks/day by US standards and 3 units for the UK) for vascular diseases.
Target heart rate is 50-80 per cent of your maximal heart rate.
Many runners are adverse to the idea of dropping mileage and replacing the lost miles with explosive strength training, but this new research reveals that such a strategy can significantly improve maximal running speed and leg muscle power, without any loss in maximal aerobic capacity.
The subject were carefully familiarized with the testing procedures during the actual testing occasion and two to three warm-up contractions were performed prior to the maximal test action.
2--Ideotype with maximum specific adaptability to favorable environments (ideotype II): maximal response in favorable and minimal response in unfavorable environments, calculated by the highest yield values in favorable and lowest in unfavorable environments.
The values of the maximal equivalent stress were higher for the shoulder (Fig.
This discovered set of frequent sequences contains the maximal frequent sequences which are not a subsequence of any other frequent sequence (from now on we will use the term Maximal Sequential Patterns, MSP), that is, the MSPs are a compact representation of the whole set of frequent sequences.
Maximal heart rates of 180 to 200 beats per minute are quite common.
No significant difference was found in the mean maximal heart rate between the female and male astride positions.
For those seeking the most comprehensive infection protection possible, Arrow's Maximal seeding.
On the other hand, it has also been revealed that none of the abdominal muscles can be fully activated during abdominal bracing, even with maximal effort.