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inflammation of one of the paranasal sinuses

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Material and Methods: Consenting three hundred and ninety one patients diagnosed clinically as a case of maxillary sinusitis at Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi during the study period fitting the inclusion criteria were selected.
have recently proposed an endoscopic technique that combines middle and inferior meatal antrostomies to treat fungal maxillary sinusitis [15].
Yun, "Relationship between prognosis of dental implants and maxillary sinusitis associated with the sinus elevation procedure," International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants, vol.
Based on the microscopic features, the diagnosis of maxillary sinus CG associated with maxillary sinusitis was established.
(1) Displaced foreign objects should be removed from the antrum to prevent the development of maxillary sinusitis.
Erosions seen in chronic maxillary sinusitis are short, irregular and in the region of a normal dehiscence.
Objective: To study the structural and functional changes of maxillary sinus mucosae of patients with odontogenic maxillary sinusitis and to improve the therapeutic effects.
(3) An ectopically erupted tooth with dentigerous cyst in maxillary sinus present as maxillary sinusitis.
There have been studies evaluating the clinical use of ultrasound in the evaluation of maxillary sinusitis. Studies of ultrasound in paediatric maxillary sinusitis revealed conflicting results, with wide variations in sensitivity and specificity.
Paranasal sinus CT showed bilateral maxillary sinusitis (Fig.
A microbiological study of acute maxillary sinusitis in Bloemfontein.
Haye R, Lingaas E, Hoivik HO, Odegard T (1998) Azithromycin versus placebo in acute infectious rhinitis with clinical symptoms but without radiological signs of maxillary sinusitis. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 17: 309-312.
Maxillary sinusitis caused by medusoid form of Schizophyllum commune.