maxillary sinus

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one of a pair of sinuses forming a cavity in the maxilla

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Maxillary sinus mucoceles are relatively rare, accounting for less than 10% of all paranasal sinus mucoceles described in the United States and Europe.
They reported that the maxillary first premolars have no relationship with the maxillary sinus floor, but the maxillary second molars are closer to the sinus floor.
1993) suggested that the maxillary sinus shape adjusted according to age, which was later confirmed by Jun et al.
The selection criteria was as following: Patients with a residual alveolar ridge of less than 8 mm in the posterior atrophic maxilla, Cases in which sinus floor augmentation for at least one of the implant is indicated on both sides, without any systemic diseases and good general state of health, patients without any pathology affecting the maxillary sinus, correct inter-arch relationship.
Idiopathic maxillary pain: prevalence of maxillary sinus hyperreactivity in relation to allergy, chronic mucosal inflammation, and eosinophilia.
An intrasinus maxillary septum can convert the maxillary sinus into two chambers.
The term "silent sinus syndrome" is characterized by unilateral progressive painless enophthalmos, hypoglobus and facial asymmetry due to chronic maxillary sinus atelectasis.
Evaluation of telescopes and forceps for endoscopic transnasal surgery on the maxillary sinus.
Preoperative computerized tomography indicated a complete obstruction of the right side of the nose and maxillary sinus due to a soft tissue tumor (Figure 1).
The contents of CD3 CD4 CD8 and CD20 in the stained cells of the maxillary sinus mucosal layer were calculated.
PMO is universally present in all population while if extra opening is present in addition to principle maxillary sinus ostium then this is called accessory maxillary sinus ostium (AMO).
In this report it is aimed to introduce two new CG cases with its clinical, histopathological and radiological findings Keywords: Benign Tumour, Cholesterol Granuloma, Maxillary Sinus.
In secondary mucoceles, the maxillary sinus was the most common site of origin (40.
The blood supply of the maxillary sinus and Schneiderian membrane comes from the maxillary artery.