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the jaw in vertebrates that is fused to the cranium

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As emergency management, the patient underwent closed reduction of the dentoalveolar fracture and open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of the bilateral maxillary fractures under general anesthesia along with orthopedic surgical repair.
Motorcycle accident was the main risk factor for fractures of the mandible (PR = 1.576, CI = 1.402-1.772) (Table 5) and more than one facial bone (OR = 4.625, CI = 1.888-11.329), and it was the only risk factor for maxillary fractures (OR = 11.032, CI = 5.294-22.989) (Table 6).
Maxillary fractures would involve the bone in the center of the face, essentially the upper jaw.
Diagnosis of mandibular or maxillary fractures is usually straight forward mainly by palpation and visual assessment.
Whereas mandibular incisors and canines are less prone to trauma compared with their maxillary peers, mandibular and maxillary fractures are more frequently observed compared with other maxillofacial constituents.8 The healing patterns of alveoler bone fractures are not much more evident according to the limited previous findings hence the pulp necrosis,infection related resorption ankylosis resorption and tooth loss are potential complications which highlight the importance in alveolar fractures.
The CT scan showed a mandibular right parasymphyseal fracture associated with complex maxillary fractures in a Le Fort III pattern (Figure 1).
(17) in case of maxillary fractures, anterior maxillary sinus wall fractures were better detected on axial CT, while both Axial and coronal CT were similar for medial maxillary and lateral maxillary sinus wall fractures.
In some cases, when there are maxillary fractures present, dental occlusion is necessary for open reduction and internal fixation.
(14) Maxillary fractures represent a very high energy injury pattern and warrant emergent evaluation by the appropriate subspecialist.
Today incidence of maxillofacial traumas is reported steadily increasing, maxillary fractures being extremely severe.
The Bulls said Mirotic suffered a concussion and maxillary fractures, and surgery is likely.