maxillary artery

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either of two arteries branching from the external carotid artery and supplying structure of the face

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Accessory meningeal artery arises either from the first part of maxillary artery or the middle meningeal artery.
The angiograms confirmed the presence of a dissecting posttraumatic pseudoaneurysm of the medium-distal portion of the internal maxillary artery (Figure 2).
Distribution of the maxillary artery as it relates to sinus floor augmentation.
KEY WORDS: Inferior alveolar nerve, inferior alveolar artery, maxillary artery, infratemporal fossa.
The primary blood supply for JNAs is from the internal maxillary artery or the ascending pharyngeal artery.
20 This is achieved through an excellent axial pattern blood sup- ply, based on blood supply from the buccal and deep temporal branches of the maxillary artery, transverse facial branches of the superficial temporal artery, and branches of the facial artery.
4) Other indications for a Caldwell-Luc approach include treatment of oro-antral fistulae and malignant exophthalmos, as an approach to biopsy the infraorbital nerve in cases of suspected perineural invasion by cancer; or to the orbital floor in the treatment of trauma; or to the pterygomaxillary space for ligation of the internal maxillary artery in the treatment of resistant epistaxis.
25%), ipsilateral internal maxillary artery (IMA) was the bleeding source and was embolized.
Diagnostic angiography demonstrated a highly vascular lesion arising from the sphenopalatine branches of the internal maxillary artery (figure 2, B).
According to different studies, this artery represents an intraosseous anastomosis between the superior posterior alveolar artery, a branch of the maxillary artery, and the infraorbital artery, level with the anterolateral wall of the maxillary sinus (Rahpeyma & Khajehahmadi; Maridati et al, 2014).
Other conditions and procedures which utilise the maxillary sinus and Caldwell luc as a conduit include, maxillary artery ligation, Vidian neurectomy, pterygopalatine fossa surgeries and sphenopalatine artery libation to name a few.
This anatomical fossa includes several important structures such as the internal maxillary artery, the venous pterygoid plexus, the sphenopallatinun nerve, the coronoid process of the mandible and the pterygoid muscles.
The bleeding failed to respond to multiple treatment measures, including (1) excision of the hemangioma followed by nasal packing and (2) radiologic embolization of the internal maxillary artery.