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common Old World thrush noted for its song

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Jefferies is serving as the exclusive financial advisor to Mavis and is leading the financing group, which includes Antares Capital, KKR Capital Markets, Angel Island Capital and Cowen.
They married the following year and Mavis soon left her job as a clerk to raise their daughters while pattern maker David became a superintendent at a Gateshead trading estate for 29 years.
My mother hasn't been in contact with Mavis for more than 50 years and would love to meet up with her again.
Mavis Phillips, from Wavertree, with her 53-year-old Christmas fairy
Mavis was on a date with Roy Smith - the man she would marry two years later - when she made the discovery.
Longley Park Golf Club's lady captain Mavis Turner.
Flowers were left outside yesterday - one tribute said: "Val and Mavis, I will miss you so much.
ALWAYS ON MY SIDE: Former footie player David Teece and wife Mavis celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary, above, and pictured on their wedding day 60 years ago, left Main picture by IAN COOPER
With a little help from her cheeky cuckoo clock, mischievous mop bucket and a nice cup of tea, Mavis moves ever closer to making her dream come true.
Convinced that humans are a threat, Dracula builds a hidden castle-like hotel in the woods where monsters can take refuge (and where he can hide vampire Mavis forever).
Mavis is recently divorced from Allan, and seems to have writer's block when she should be pounding out the final book in a Young Adult series in which she is merely a ghost writer whose name appears in tiny print on the fly-leaf inside cover.
It moves at a frantic pace, but there are some genuinely funny moments as Dracula constructs an elaborate ruse about the scariness of humans to scare Mavis and keep her from leaving his side.
It's a female version of Just Friends (2005), about a 'young adult' fiction writer, Mavis Gary, who is depressed and lonely in the big city of Minneapolis.
MWL Systems has been awarded a strategic contract by Pennaf Housing Group for the second phase of its MAVIS system, a cloud-based software package which monitors the repair and maintenance of properties.
This boost for the signature Blue Mountain Coffee product line of the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Ltd's (MBCF) is part of a strategy by the Jamaican company to grow its European sales from the current 5% to about 15 to 20% of total sales.