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2 Sisters Food Group has purchased Lloyd Maunder for an undisclosed sum, with plans to expand the business, which already dominates poultry production in the South West.
A collaboration between opera tyros Moya Henderson and Judith Rodriguez, "Lindy" eventually was championed across the line by Oz opera chief conductor Richard Gill and Opera Australia's artistic administrator, director Stuart Maunder.
Dr Maunder added: "People wrongly believe that fleas don't bite humans but they are wrong.
England's Maunder agreed, citing an upsurge in head lice infestations in the United Kingdom, peaking at a high of 4% to 5% in 1996 and now holding steady at roughly 2% to 3% of the school-age population.
Maunder: "A Christian community that paid teachers a dollar a day; practised corporal punishment; staged 1,600-kilometre canoe trips and had the boys do all the chores."
While each of the four volumes contains a different introduction by Maunder, the first and third present lengthier analyses of Corri's works, bibliographies, full index of first lines of the songs and arias to supplement Corri's own index, and indexes of composers and of the titles of the operas, oratorios, and cantatas.
Guest speakers Bill Maxted of De Montfort, author of the report, and William Maunder Taylor, director of property finance consultancy Kingfisher Property Finance, shared their views on the survey, which found that the finance market for property companies is beginning to ease with new lending up from PS25.5billion at the close of 2012 to PS29.9billion in 2013.
The crown court at Leamington heard the break-in was just one of 22 Connor Maunder, Dale Garlick and Joseph Shallcross committed between them in Rugby.
This interval coincided roughly with a period of low solar activity called the Wolf Minimum, an event similar to the more famous Maunder Minimum of 1645-1715.
Runners-up were Sophie Maunder, aged six and Ryan Knight aged 10.
NOSTALGIC Amy Maunder has bought the two-bedroom house owned by her family for 100 years.
Leading specialist poultry producer Lloyd Maunder says that the hire deals offered by Packaging Automation on tray sealing equipment have helped to keep its investment costs low while meeting seasonal peaks in demand.
This "is a classic example of invasive ecology," observes Mike Maunder, horticulture director of the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Miami.