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a Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal

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I'm Jewish because love my family Matzoh ball soup I'm Jewish because my fathers mothers uncles grandmothers said "Jewish," all theway back to Vitebsk & Kaminetz-Podolska via Lvov.
She secured the firm as official judges of the International Federation of Competitive Eaters' inaugural Matzoh Ball Eating Championship; aligned the firm with the Holocaust Museum Houston (HMH) by underwriting the "Darfur: Photojournalists Respond" exhibit; generated buzz for the firm's own esteemed photographer, Sam Gainer, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science; and threw a blazing hot 60th Anniversary party for GD&D in appreciation of the firm's clients and team members.
The Jewish High Holiday season can seem like one giant whirlwind of atonement, matzoh ball soup, and relatives asking whether you've met any nice girls lately.
But then what do you do on Pesach when you can't have egg noodles--the matzoh ball or knaidel emerges.
Ceremonial foods and a full-course vegetarian meal with matzoh ball soup, tzimmes, salad and dessert will be included.
The result is Matzoh Ball Gumbo, a compelling book that starts with a dash of regional history and throws in heaps of personal stories and unique recipes for a flavorful bite of a rarely examined part of Southern life.
Rich, complex, subtle, and satisfying are all words that might aptly be applied to the description of a well-made dish of matzoh ball gumbo, but they are equally applicable to Marcie Cohen Ferris's book by the same name.
Soon after arriving at CBS from VH1 in 1997, Sussman--a former producer of hard news at CNN who is equally comfortable grabbing yellowtail at Sushi Roku as he is at scarfing down a bowl of matzoh ball soup at Barney Greengrass -- made a splash mining his recording industry connections to resurrect music-themed specials for broadcast TV.
For a man so enmeshed in his culture that he once thought Perry Como was singing ``It's a Matzoh Ball,'' rather than ``It's Impossible,'' putting together a Jewish variety show was almost as easy as breathing.
Music, reading of the Haggadah, full-course meal with vegetarian matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, vegetarian main course, tzimmes, salad and dessert.
Half Hard Salami Sandwich & Matzoh Ball Soup ($10.
But what surrounds that centerpiece differs from community to community and includes everything from Armenian stuffed grape leaves to Vietnamese spring rolls to matzoh ball soup, or even a traditional tsimmes of sweet potatoes and carrots.
Serve each matzoh ball in a soup bowl with chicken soup ladled over it.
On some level, I think I must embrace the matzoh ball and the gefilte fish.
Gabrielle Giffords has recovered enough to pray in Hebrew and eat Matzoh ball soup, "as we know it is Jewish Penicillin," says Houston Rabbi David Lyon, who is filling in for Giffords' Rabbi Stephanie Aaron (who you can read about here).