matzah ball

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a Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal

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Inspired by Lerman's pioneering eating techniques, young Jewish eaters are now eyeing the matzah ball title themselves, saying it's a victory for all members of the tribe.
When I type: Matzah ball, my phone autocorrects to: May she ball.
The most iconic Jewish dumpling of all is the krnidl, Yiddish for "matzah ball"--a mixture of ground matzah, eggs and fat generally served as a drop-style soup dumpling.
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One way might be to stock up on some of the more traditional kosher foods like matzah ball, gefilte fish and borscht, and integrate them with more upscale gourmet products like gourmet soups, marinades, candies and snacks--that just happen to be kosher (and natural and organic to boot).
Temple Beth Israel will celebrate Passover on April 13 with its annual Community Passover Seder, featuring a full-course meal of vegetarian matzah ball soup, gefilte fish, a vegetarian main course, tzimmes, salad and dessert.
To her, "it is not enough for recipes to be true to their country of origin; they need to satisfy and reflect the flavor qualities and foods that are enjoyed today." Her newest book makes it easy to go beyond matzah ball soup, brisket and all the usual Eastern European dishes to the healthy, flavorful foods of the Mediterranean Jewish table.
"It's my bris and I'll cry if I want to!" and "Grandma's little matzah ball" are probably the only bibs that aren't particularly offensive, with other's reading "Future Mah Jongg player", "Future Lawyer" and "Future Doctor." To further perpetuate stereotypes, the "Future lawyer" bib has a dollar bill pattern featured, while the "Future Doctor" one has coins.
(or One) Two Jews, One District Senator Lieberman Answers 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Hatch: Jewish Senators Liked Song Barney Frank Swats Down Questioner Matzah Ball, Super Bowl, What's the Difference?
Mix matzah meal with schmaltz and you have that most iconic of Yiddish dishes: the matzah ball.
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Benjamin Resnick's fabulous piece today polemicizes against the trend, among young Jewish cooks and their champions, to cook (and celebrate the cooking of) ostentatiously Jewish food that is also ostentatiously unkosherdishes like Brooklyn deli Mile End's bagel sandwich, which contains bacon that it calls chazzer; the Los Angeles restaurant The Gorbals' matzah ball wrapped with bacon; or virtually the entire menu of Traif, the Brooklyn restaurant that goes out of its way to serve pork and shellfish under a Jewish banner.
A University of Virginia fraternity forces its pledges to eat a dish composed of dog food, matzah ball, gefilte fish, and soy saucesomething we know because one freshman was hospitalized earlier this month when a severe electrolyte imbalance due to sodium overconsumptiontranslation: Guzzling soy saucecaused seizures (he's fine).
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A coil-bound, hard-cover, 128 page, profusely illustrated collection of more than 80 wonderfully 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes, the dishes comprising "Get Cooking: A Jewish American Family Cookbook" range from Shabbat Winter Stew; Pomegranate Barbecue Chicken; Pizza Fondue; and Lamb Kufte Kebabs; to Garlic-Chive Matzah Balls; Southwestern Pulled Brisket Sukko-Tacos; Mini Sweet Potato Knishes; and Super 3-Bean Chili Bowl.