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It seems important to determine whether the frequencies for each of these categories changed across the three time periods as a means to assess maturational trends in the integration literature.
Explanations of body image disturbance: A test of maturational status, negative verbal commentary, social comparison, and sociocultural hypotheses.
It may appear that this approach sets out to make a "straw man" of the maturational viewpoint; it does not.
BMI as a measure of overweight is inherently limited in its lack of information regarding body composition, and lack of sensitivity to youth maturational age; however, it remains the most widely investigated and easily used indicator of weight-related health risk on a population level.
Important windows of vulnerability are the intrauterine and the early postnatal periods, when unique immune maturational events take place (Dietert 2008).
The subplate, however, is a transient brain structure that serves a necessary maturational role.
In particular, the infant/toddler receives a primary diagnosis on Axis I, which is then supplemented by an idiographic, narrative description of "(1) six basic functional, emotional, developmental capacities [Axis II]; (2) constitutional and maturational variations (regulatory-sensory processing patterns) [Axis III]; (3) caregiver-infant or caregiver-child and family interaction patterns [Axis IV]; and (4) other medical or neurological diagnoses [Axis V]" (PDM Task Force, 2006, p.
They are the inflammatory phase, the proliferative phase, and the maturational phase.
Alternatively the plastid starch may contribute to the mucilage secreted around the VCC from its maturational Golgi activity.
Age differences relate to important maturational and experiential differences.
Physiological, maturational, behavioral and social differences between boys and girls have been suggested as explanation for the higher prevalence of activity limitation in boys.
20,21) The relationship of sagittal plane physiologic laxity and maturational age has been reported in cross-sectional studies by Baxter (18) and Flynn and colleagues.
Maturational sequence of bone marrow B cell precursors (hematogones).