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But I am not sure why you exclude the maturational explanation from consideration.
Figure 1 shows the ovarian maturational status parameters (germinal vesicle, metaphase I and/or metaphase II) in rats following 14 days of treatment with co-trimoxazole, folic acid, and their combination.
Due to the limited sample number, we did not segregate the sample into genders, which is a factor that may have influenced the results because we understand that there are maturational and biological differences between boys and girls.
As extensions of the study's objectives, the following questions contrast the scope of digitized government in worldwide cities and countries from 2003 to 2012: first, what is the relative attainment of Website development across the two public sector jurisdictions, and second, does the electronic medium conform to a maturational (stepwise) implementation, or, do curvilinear, S-like (diffusing) paths arise?
These data corroborate the maturational assumption of the tool, which estimate that, as age advances and cognitive functions are typically developed, the performance of visuoperceptive functions and motor coordination are progressively improved.
More precisely, we examined whether the baseline values could influence the magnitude of improvement, and whether this improvement is related to maturational status.
In addition, future research should examine maturational development in this age cohort, as well as investigate any detriments to the educational achievement of college students linked to video gaming.
The reduction in delta frequency EEG activity we see across the ages is thought to represent normal brain maturational processes as the adolescent brain continues to develop to full maturity," said Nicholas.
The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment: Studies in the Theory of Emotional Development.
Senescence refers to a post maturational process that leads to diminished homeostasis and increased vulnerability of organism to death.
Gross oversize of foetus was associated with signs of post maturational changes of placenta like cloudy and semi solid consistency of foetal fluids.
Winnicott, 'Communicating and Not Communicating Leading to a Study of Certain Opposites', The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment, Hogarth Press, London 1965, pl79.
Contrast of maturational, structural and strength characteristics of athletes and non-athletes 10 to 15 years of age.