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  • verb

Synonyms for maturate

to bring or come to full development

Synonyms for maturate

develop and reach maturity

grow old or older

ripen and generate pus

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Sempre utili questi resoconti di un'esperienza, permettono di verificare come le scelte del traduttore debbano fare i conti e, a volte, scontrarsi con le esigenze di un mercato editoriale che spesso 6 ignorante delle complesse problematiche dell'atto del tradurre, e che finisce per imporre strategie talora contrastanti con le soluzioni maturate con duro lavoro dal traduttore.
L'introduzione della formazione alla EBP nei corsi di laurea triennali richiede una valutazione valida ed affidabile delle competenze maturate dagli studenti, cosi anche da avere un riscontro degli esiti della attivita educative proposte ed indi cazioni per il loro miglioramento.
Such harsh, glacial conditions, it was also argued, resulted in the extinction of the Neanderthals, Homo sapiens neanderthaleasus, as they, under such conditions, could not evolve and maturate higher mental faculties fast enough to enable them to adapt effectively to such conditions through the creation of innovative technologies.
These factors maturate to extended supply lines, new members in the supply chain and longer as well as more complex distribution channels that must be coordinated The knowledge of the abilities of each partner in the chain joined with an increased comprehension of the end users' needs allows businesses to add services and features which create value beyond the cost to the chain members (Brewer & Speh, 2000).
Also, the response to protein antigens continues to further maturate during the first years of life (28).
For now, one must maintain a dynamically charged neutrality which allows the deeper ores to transmute, to fully maturate, as though one were preparing for a more optimum rhythmics of a coming transmundane interior era.
The processed tea is packed in aluminum-lined tea chests and left to maturate for about ten days.