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bedclothes that provide a cover for a mattress

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A good mattress cover reduces wear and tear on the crib mattress itself.
Food and Drug Administration is warning that damaged medical mattress covers can put patients at risk for infection.
The Question: Do impermeable dust mite mattress covers prevent allergic symptoms?
Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital was found to have used mattress covers with holes and tears, and on Ward 2 and Ward 22 it was established that water outlets were not flushed on a regular basis in bathrooms that were not frequently used.
In one of those studies, 1,122 adults with asthma were given either an allergen-impermeable mattress cover or a nonimpermeable cover as a control.
Deputy District Attorney Paul Frasier said Robertson apparently fashioned a rope from strips of cloth torn from his mattress cover, tied it to a railing in the upper tier of his cell block, and jumped over the side with the rope tied around his neck.
Order now and you'll receive a fitted mattress cover for free
The Skin IQ([TM]) 1000 MCM is a for-sale mattress cover that, when combined with a bariatric pressure redistribution mattress, such as the AtmosAir([TM]) Fit Mattress Replacement System (MRS), helps prevent and treat stage I-IV pressure ulcers for patients who weigh up to 1,000 pounds.
6E, the patterning and construction scope have been substantially extended, as the dial needles also knit the pattern using electronic control, opening up exciting new scope for the manufacture of more demanding mattress cover designs.
If one needs a new duvet or mattress cover, then one should check out all of the options that are available at Sleepy's.
The National Asthma Campaign recommends using a mattress cover, vacuuming bedrooms regularly and turning and cleaning mattresses to minimise the risk of asthma.
And new developments in Hollander's mattress cover category include a four-way stretch skirt that hugs the mattress better and a mattress topper that reverses from fleece to cotton for an all-season functionality.
If your offspring will be sleeping on a cot at camp, send a mattress cover and sheets form home.
The application of the Bend Sensor([R]) in a mattress cover allows parents to monitor the position and movement of an infant and will facilitate the triggering of an alarm system if no movement is detected for a predetermined interval, or if the infant has significantly changed position.